Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Pancake At A Time

Many years ago, we were at someone's house (my whole family) and though we were in a hurry, my father said we could have breakfast in their house. We were staying in their yard in a motorhome. To protect the slow, I will make up a name. Let's call her Ethel. Ethel is a rather laid back person, nothing is ever done in a hurry. I don't think she has worried a day in her life. So, she offered to make us pancakes. There are 5 of us and 4 of them, so that's a lot of pancakes. We were used to our mother who makes like 4 at a time in the pan, so weren't we surprised when Ethel made ONE pancake at a time. I don't mean one HUGE, pan sized pancake. I mean just just poured in a little batter and made ONE at a time. We each got one and my mother hauled us out at lightning speed so we could get going and my father was like "WHAT took so long" and she said "Ethel made ONE pancake at a time." This became like a mantra for a long time.

I hadn't thought of this in years but today, it all came rushing back. My parents and their friends frequent a local deli for Sunday breakfast. I happen to think the place is gross. It's very tired. The ceramic ware is very old and banged up, there is a terrible theme of clown everywhere that should be cute but is scary, there's no room to wait, so everyone stares at you while you're eating, and it's just kind of gross, like I said before. To appease the masses, I go on mother's day, father's day and occasionally if someone is visiting, like a relative. I usually don't order food, but today guess what sounded good? PANCAKES.

As the waitress came to deliver the food, she asked me if I had pancakes with bacon but when I said just pancakes, she said she had forgotten to put that order in and she gave me ONE pancake. I was like "Umm, is ETHEL in the kitchen???"

Really, what are the odds that a) I would even go there, b) I would order food and c) the one thing I order wasn't ready like it should have been?????

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