Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mr. Bell, the Original Butt Dialer

When one is the victim of a butt dialing, can one listen to the conversation without being called an eavesdropper? It seems that I am a frequent victim of the butt dial. I never actually carry my phone on my person, so I can't fathom how a person can butt dial. Especially since sometimes I am not a person that the dialer would call often, so I don't comprehend how it happens. Like I doubt I was the last call the person made so just hitting send shouldn't connect to me.

K-ster is a frequent butt dialer and sometimes I get a kick out of listening to the background noise. I can tell if he's in a store if there's a beeping scanner, or I can listen to him telling a story. But sometimes it's just annoying. Sadly, my phone works only in odd places in the house, so I go running from somewhere to answer because GOD FORBID someone should be calling to book a jewelry show and I might miss it.

Yesterday, I got a call from someone who just recently got my phone number. She rides at the barn where I ride. I couldn't imagine why she was calling. I could hear her talking but couldn't tell if she was talking to me or had butt dialed. So I listened for a few minutes. She called to her dogs, then began a conversation with "(name I couldn't hear) just called and said they STOLE the body off the truck. The guy said he'd leave the money there but when he went to get it, the body was missing and there was no money."

My first thought was OH NO, someone stole the barn truck and they think it's me!
My second thought was OH NO, she's involved in the mob and they are selling bodies! My third thought was HEY how long should I listen before it's considered rude????

I realized she was not talking to me and I had no patience, so I hung up and sent her a text. She was amused and said her BF's truck body was stolen. Not stolen without knowledge (because how can a person go to all of the work of stealing a truck bed and NO ONE sees it happening) but stole it because there was no money left. When I looked back at my text I thought perhaps I should erase it, lest the feds get it and think I'm involved in selling bodies or moving them off trucks. But then I thought I'd live on the edge and leave it on there.

Do you think Alexander Graham Bell thought this is what we would be doing with the phone 100 years after he figured it out? Was he like "Yes, now future generations can use their butts to call people and relay information that perhaps shouldn't be relayed."

This made me start thinking about Morse Code. Really, texting isn't all that different from Morseing, which is what we would have called it if we all lived back then. Except I doubt anyone ever accidentally sat on the telegraph and butt Morsed someone else. Or maybe that's how the first trans-Atlantic message was sent but they are afraid to put it in the history books.

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