Friday, February 18, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Hello again.  It's Friday and this is a good one!  Check out thegirl and see who else posted a Feel Good Friday post and then link up your own!  This was a pretty good week, so let's see what happened!

1.  The temperature was above 40 degrees yesterday and you know what that means.  Yep, every redneck in New England thinks it's time for this.  Believe me, it's never time for that.  Not surprising, we see some kids in shorts here in school today.  It's like 46 degrees.  Can we say HEAT WAVE?  But this weekend will bite us right in the butt with blustery wind and temps in the 30s.  It was nice to smell spring for like a nanosecond.  But really, it's February.  How can we expect anything nice weatherwise this month?

2.  After accidentally buying boots last week , I accidentally bought a couch this week.  Someone really better get me some sort of insurance, with all of these accidents I've been having with my wallet.  Our couch currently looks like this.  Complete with Gwenstopher who immediately loved that spot and has lived there since we got it.  This was a freebie we got from k-ster's brother.  It's from a very, very cheap furniture store, the kind that have the commercials that are homemade and have the worst graphics ever.  I NEVER would have bought this.  But, our 10+ year old couch had had it and it was time for something new and we couldn't find anything.  We figured new was better than nothing, even if it was from cheapo depot.  There's a recliner on each end.  That is not such a great thing.  Ask k-ster how great it was to spend almost a month lying in the recliner with his foot up.  It's shoddy worksmanship all the way through and you can feel the wood when you press down.  And most of all, we missed the arms.  We had ridiculously high arms on the old couch and I had no idea how often I would sit with my back against the arm.  Finally, the depth of this one is very shallow and it's hard to sleep on.  When I'm forced to sleep there because snoring k-ster can't be controlled.

We went on a quest for a couch right about this time last year and came up with nothing.

Sunday, we went on a quest for armoires.  I have this theory that we can get rid of the bureau, get 2 armoires for our clothes and that would allow us to free up a closet for some more storage.  I didn't realize the armoire boat came and I missed it and no one has armoires anymore.  I'm always a decade too late.

After strolling through one store and finding nothing, we went across the street to another store that I am not such a fan of.  They have slightly better commercials than the aforementione place, but it's not such high quality, in my eyes.

They didn't have armoires either, but they did have a couch that we both deemed IDEAL in like 25 seconds.  It's a sectional, but not one of those 2 couch sectionals.  This is one that has 4 pieces that can be arranged any way you like and then the ottoman can make it a chaise on one end.  We have a strange house, since it's old, and every room has something that makes furniture difficult.  In this room, it's doors and the radiator.  I know some people with old houses who close a door and put furniture right in front of it.  I've seriously considered this, but in the summer, the breeze just comes sailing through and I can't bear to shut the door or block it forever.

The couch was $2000.  I haven't bought a couch in this century, but I thought that was a crazy amount of money.  Looking at other couches, I see it's not so crazy.  Unless I want to go to cheapo depot.  So, I left Sunday and thought about it all night.    I secretly hoped it wouldn't fit so I could stay in this flux of not finding a couch and not spending money.  But it would fit, in some configuration which will be determined when it gets put together.

All day Monday, I thought about it and was convinced it was actually sitting in my house.  I became obsessed.  Tuesday, I went to the store and after a very long time with no one helping me, I finally got a saleswoman who was an ass.  If I had had $2000 in cash at that moment, I don't think she would have cared.  I hate salespeople who don't care if you are interested and do nothing to help you.  She could not seem to tell me if a) the couch was going to disappear any time soon since I saw that it had been there since July, b) what kind of "deal" might be coming up, or if it came in other colors.

I left, still convinced this couch had to be mine, but I would get it online and give no one the satisfaction of commission.  But the 5 piece package online wasn't the same 5 pieces and it wasn't the same price.  And there was no online deal (a lot of places have free tvs and stuff on tv all the time).  The next day, my sister convinced me to go look online again because she had heard of a deal.  Whoo hoo, 20% off!!  I was willing to pay $1600 for this couch, for sure.

But it didn't say online when this deal would start.  So, I thought I'd stop in yesterday to find out when I could buy it.  And lo and behold, there was a bright orange sticker on it!  At first I was afraid it was the floor model and the last one and had been sold under my nose.  Instead, it was $1399 for that same set!!  $600 less????  And that bee otch couldn't tell me that on Tuesday???  Hmm, I wondered if I could take 20% off of that.  That would be something.  So, I stood there, I lay down on it, I sat there, I flipped the ottoman over, I moved the pieces around.  I could have sat there for hours before someone noticed me.

Finally, a man came over and I was already ready to deal, but he couldn't believe it.  I asked if it was on the floor model and he said yes and that it's being discontinued.  If I get it off the floor for you tonight, will you take off more?  Well, 10% is the best I can do.  SOLD.  Let's do it.

He didn't think I was serious, I guess, so he then tried to do his spiel.  I was ready to buy, what was he doing???  I said k-ster would be there within the hour.  He was shocked.  Did I have a truck?  Why is this so surprising, everyone has a truck around here or knows someone who does!  I assured him it would be gone before closing time.

Then we had to go through the motions of putting in the order but he screwed it up because he could not believe I walked in and bought it and would take it.  All just like that.

When he finally got it right and asked how I wanted to pay, I thought he would wet himself when I said Discover.  He almost lost the deal with these words:  now, you're not gonna get in trouble with your husband for buying this, are you? If I hadn't been so obsessed by this couch, I would have left.  What an ASS.  I assured him no, and he asked again.  Who the hell did he think I had just talked to?

I told k-ster when he went to get it he should cop an attitude and be all like "what the hell is this, I thought I was picking up a foot stool".

So, you are you dying to see the new couch???
Well, it sure didn't look like this in the store!  I wonder if they'll come set it up for me.  Guess you'll have to wait until next Feel Good Friday to see what it looks like.

But I am walking on air.  And wondering if this is fate or a curse.  I'm so cynnical like that.  Was it kismet that I should walk in and find it and then get it so much cheaper?  Or is it a piece of trash that they had to get rid of ASAP and I'll be sorry.

3.  I just got a text that k-ster is working on the greenhouse.  I'm sad that I am not there to participate and witness this, but it will be nice to get home and have more of it up.  We tried last week but the wind was not nice and it's time for the installation of things that wind cannot participate in.  This weekend won't be good for installation, so today's the day.  Then we have to figure out what we are doing for the flooring inside.  I know what we are doing, but how, is the question.

4.  It's vacation.  Well, in 2 hours and 15 minutes, it will be February vacation.  I really want this time off.  I really do.  I don't always feel the NEED for a vacation, but I do right now.  I have a new couch I have to set up and enjoy!

5.  I got some new pieces from the new lia sophia catalog.  Ladies, I declare, you must get on my site and look at this stuff!!!  Exquisite.  My favorite catalog so far.  And I've been through 10 catalogs with them.

Ok, so it's time for lunch which will make me feel good right about now.  Now go check out thegirl and do your own Feel Good Friday post and check back  next Friday to see what this beauty of a couch really looks like!


  1. In Texas, we FREAK OUT with 40ish degree weather! I cannot believe that lady up there is fo real. BTW, I loved "cheapo depot"!

  2. Oh really?? You got me expecting to see the holy couch only for a cliffhanger ending! Now my marketing trained brain would usually refuse to fall into these tricks, but damn it, my curiosity has taken control... ;-p

    And "you're not gonna get in trouble with your Husband for buying this"??? What the what?? I don't know if I find it hilarious or shocking... still pondering it...

    Oh and I checked your site, really nice design and gorgeous catalog! I might have fallen in love with the "Cocktail hour ring"!


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