Sunday, February 6, 2011

Going A Mile A Minute

Did you miss me? If you came looking for me on Friday, I was over at thegirl's doing Feel Good Friday over there.  As her guest.  I know, how excited was I???? She invented Feel Good Friday, you know.  I love Feel Good Friday and in case you don't know, you just go over there on Friday, pick a prompt and write.  My favorite prompt is the top 5 things that made you feel good in the week.  Sometimes they are earth shattering, sometimes they are ridiculously simple, and sometimes they are real knee slappers. 

So, guest posting was very cool. It was like having a homework assignment and the teacher said I had to have it in by Thursday.  Which was hard because that was not Friday.  And what if something amazing happened on Thursday night that I would have put in on Friday? nothing did, by the way.   And then I didn't know if I was sending it to her the right way. She made it work, AND she spoke a little French over there, just for me!

Guest posting is good because you get to meet new people.  And I got to try out how her wordpress blog platform works- love the fact that you can reply so easily to comments.  Makes me think I might have to leave blogger one day.

So, since my guest posting debut, I have been going non-stop.  Friday was the opening of the My Impression of Impressionism extravanganza that my students created, so I had to be there Friday evening.  And I set up like 55 other things that I have to get done this weekend.  Posting was on the list, but I've just now found some time to do it.

I was too busy yesterday accidentally buying snow boots.  I was looking for jeans, similar to a pair I found the other day, but I wanted to see if they had a size smaller.  Of course, they did not, so I will have to decide if they fit or are a little too big.  They are certainly too long, so I might be able to try the new hemming lesson I learned for jeans.  I don't think I can use it this time because these are size whatever LONG, so I will have to take them up like 10 inches.  I have another idea up my sleeve, or should I say pantleg, though.

Anyjeans, I left TJMaxx and there was a Westies shoe place right next door.  I decide 2 weeks ago that my LLBEAN boots are more for hiking in wet weather, but not really for tromping around in actual snow since they are just over my ankle and I can't tuck in my pant legs.  I was ready to cave and buy boots that are mid-calf to knee length.  The pull on or zip kind.  I know, it spells granny or 6th grader.  I hate them. And don't you even think about mentioning Uggs to me.  I will shun you, if you do.

So, I walked in, and it was surely my lucky day.  20% off all boots!  And they had a ton.  I found a pair that were tolerable but I put them on and didn't love them.  And they were pricey. Then I found a paid that I like better that said you could wear them in ANYTHING.  I bought them and saved a ton.  New boots for $30 that I can slog through anything????

BIG.  FAT.  LIARS.  I stepped into a puddle and the water immediately flowed in through the zipper.  BRILLIANT.  But here's the kicker.  I can't find the receipt.  So I am going to try to go back and negotiate.  If that does not work, you can be sure that the brand name is going to be googled and they will hear from me.  All weather my ass.  I hate boot shopping as much as I hate shopping for jeans.  And that's some pretty serious loathe.

So, lots of time wasted on the boot fiasco, only to be followed by more right now.  I'm off to kick ass, barefoot, if I have to.


  1. Maddening! I hate when stuff like that happens. What company? Nine West...aren't they Westies?

  2. Sorry I missed your blog post over at The Girl. I was swimming in kids' stuff all last week and totally was absent from the blog world.

    And I know exactly what you're talking about! I bought "waterproof" boots for a skiing trip last year. The first puddle I stepped in, my foot was soaked. Luckily I bought them at Zappos and I swear, that company has got to be number one in customer service. It is a complete pleasure to deal with them. They made it ridiculously easy to return the boots with no questions asked.


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