Monday, April 23, 2012

I Fell For It Every Time

As I said the other day, I spent a few days at my sister a-ster's house during April vacation.  Since I rarely go away, people always think it sounds exotic that I went to my sister's, so they always want to know what I did.

And I never have anything normal to say.  I just say "nothing, really" because that's what I do when I go there.  And I like that.  I do nothing, a-ster cooks because she likes to do that, and then I come home.  And now that l-ster is on the scene, I play with her while a-ster makes my meals.

Why would I bother to go anywhere else?

Where they live, there are a lot of deer.   Like so many deer, it's a nuisance.  I'm still pretty amazed by the herds of deer that we see and the way they dart out into traffic.

This time, I only saw a couple of deer one evening when I was walking.

 But this thing?  I saw it no less than 15 times a day and every time, I'd think "oh wow, there's a deer right next door!"  EVERY. TIME.  For 4 days.  Sometimes, I'd be in the yard, and turn around and see it and think it was real even though 10 minutes before, it was fake.

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  1. It took me months to get over it. Especially since it looks directly into the living room.


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