Monday, April 9, 2012

What A Swell Company

My sister watched from the ferry window while her backpack fell off the luggage cart and was not only dragged around the parking lot, but also run over by the cart itself.  When she got off the ferry and got her back, it was torn up and streaked with tire tracks.

She called LLBean to see what they would do about it.  They told her they have a guarantee and would be happy to replace it if she would send it in.  She explained that it had been dragged around a parking lot and they still told her they'd replace it.

And they did.

That was in the 90s.

Ever since then, I have never hesitated to return things to LLBean when they've worn out or not held up to their claims.  And they've refunded me every single time, or sent another, at my request.

Even without a receipt.

20 years ago, I bought my first LLBean backpack.

2 trips to Europe, a million bike rides and years of carrying everything and anything, my LLBean backpack was finally starting to lose its luster.  The zipper wasn't reliable anymore and kept splitting (in the airport on my way to France!!).  And the fabric was kind of nasty.  BUt otherwise, it was in pretty good condition.

I don't even know if they make them like this anymore.  They have all sorts of funky kinds now.

But I wanted to see if they would still uphold their guarantee.

And they did!!  20 years later!!!  Nary a question.

I returned them with a pair of slippers whose fleece was worn out and they gave me a credit of $83.99 for the two things!!  WHOOO HOOO!

What a great company.  They have my loyalty.

You know who isn't a great company lately?  This one.

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