Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love Is A Many Splendor Thing

What does that even mean?

I happened upon these two scenes in my yard today.  Spring is definitely in the air and everything seems to be in love.

 A couple of peas holding hands over the trellis.

A couple of tractors settling in -- to watch a movie, perhaps?

And once again, I speak to you  Verizon.  Shove it.


  1. My peas are just poking their little heads up too! It's a lovely sight!

  2. The excavator and bobcat are placed like that because they are in love... just kidding, they're placed like that to make them harder to steal AND to take up less space.

  3. Well, that is an interesting theory, but all anyone would have to do to steal it is drive the Bobcat forward and then they could take the loader too.


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