Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slugs Are Thugs

Slugs are assholes.

I planted 20 carrots. They were doing so well.

I have a serious slug problem every spring, but it's been so dry this spring, I thought I was safe. I went from cute little carrot tops to these in a matter of days.


Little green sticks, some reduced to nothing. 

 I have 2 of these full carrot tops left. 

I even brought out the beer traps, just like the slugs like.  But then it rained and watered down the beer and the slugs thought the carrot tops were tastier.  And less hazardous.

I've been reduced to bringing out the big guns. I'm going to try putting my seedlings in jails like these to keep the slugs out.  They'll eat anything except tomatoes.

They're really putting a damper on my fabulous spring.

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  1. I found a few slugs in my strawberries today. They are assholes!


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