Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Public Service Announcement- Can You Help?

I've been playing "go fish" with my 7th grade French students so they will become more proficient with numbers.  It astounds me every year how many kids have never played any version of this game.  It's sad, really.  A commentary on where our society has fallen off track.

BUT, for those who have played, the outlook is no better.  Because these kids tell me they LOVE this game!  They play it all the time with their families.  It's so much fun..... play "goldfish".

Or, as one boy wrote today: "go fist".  I don't even want to know what goes on when they play "go fist" at their house.

So, could you please play "go fish" with the kids in your life but make sure you tell them it's GO FISH?

Like, you know, you're fishing for the match to your card? 


  1. 'Go fist' oh dear that doesn't sound good! We used to keep those cards in our camper as well as UNO, Yahtzee and some dice etc..just good ol camping games.

  2. It's so sad that so many kids today don't play these games. Even Monopoly has the stupid credit card now so it's just not the same! I can always tell which kids do play those games at home because they are just a little bit more "normal" than the others.

  3. Ha! We play all sorts of games at home. My kids love all kinds. Yet I have never shown them how to play "go fish". I'll get right on it. And I'm with Sparkling on the monopoly credit card. Stupid idea.


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