Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Amazement Part Deux

I printed this last year and it's so good, I think you need to see it again.  K-ster actually requested this today because I have some cranberries left (I've canned like 15 jars) and I made a different salsa that wasn't as good.  I don't dare can this one because it's not USDA approved.  Don't laugh at me.  I'm new to canning and I don't dare do anything that the website doesn't say I can.

After you make and try this recipe, you will be so madly in love with me, you'll become my newest stalker. I swear.

When  we went to my sister a-ster's for Thanksgiving,  my sister made the whole meal, not allowing much help from me.  She did a lot of the same recipes that we grew up with but with a few additions. I have stolen this one and then added my own twist and when we become famous on the food network, I declare this will be our signature recipe.

First, the practically no-cal version:
12oz cranberries

1 bunch cilantro

1 bunch green onions chopped to 3in lengths

1 jalapeƱo minced

Juice of two lines

3/4 cup sugar

Pinch salt

Put everything in food processor until desired consistency.

Then you dip whatever you want into it. By the time she made this, I was so hungry I could have dipped my toe into and eaten my entire foot off. I think we dipped tortilla chips and I'm pretty sure I dipped celery into it. I also think I might have just dipped my fork into it and eaten like it was the main course, when she wasn't looking.

Here it is, all ready for dipping.

And then I thought, hey let's really ramp up the calories and the tangy flavor with some cream cheese and stuff celery with it!

I have no idea what quantities of the cranberry "salsa" I used or the cream cheese, but just add enough until it looks like this.

You may be thinking this is the most bizarre combination of flavors, but I promise you, your mouth will be working on enjoying these flavors for the rest of this year.

I stuffed the celery and then had some left, so I just dipped some celery pieces into it. I don't think there is anything you can't dip into this.

And the salsa is great on the turkey meat itself.

And extra great on fingers as you lick the bowl clean.
Oh and I bet the cream cheese version will make a nice spread on a sandwich with leftover turkey. 
Enjoy and go see what she's up to on her site!!

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