Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let's Be Aware of A New Awareness

THis post generated a few good comments that support me in my decision to stop being aware.  People agree that this whole breast cancer awareness month is a little passe.  I'm done capitalizing those words because breast cancer doesn't deserve the high acknowledgement that comes with capital letters. 

We're all aware.  As I said in a comment, I suppose even African tribes who speak in clicks are aware of breast cancer.  Oooh someone's going to go all politically correct on me over that one.

I resent the fact that "they" decided pink would be the color of breast cancer.  Not just awareness, mind you, but everything to do with breast cancer.  I have a bit of a pink obsession, but I get a little upset when October is all about the pink and "they" think they can sell you everything just by making it pink.

I know what we can do!  Let's make November "Stop Being Aware" month.  Everyone could just go about their lives in total oblivion. 

Proctor and Gamble wouldn't have anything to sponsor. 

-.000000009% of the sales of nothing would go to support nothing.

There would be an invisible ribbon on every product that supports Stop Being Aware month. 

Yoplait would have lids that say nothing but "Yoplait".  

15% of lia sophia parties would go to nothing. 

Everyone could send the chain emails to no one, telling them nothing.

There would be no special icons to add to your Twitter handle or facebook page to let everyone know that you support Stop Being Aware month.

 You'd have no hats, t-shirts, necklaces, sweatshirts to wear letting the whole world know you paid much more than you needed to just to show your support for not being aware.

Fundraising companies who give so very little to the research they claim to support would have nothing to give to no one.  They might actually go out of the non-profit business.

People would actually start talking to each other and exclaim things like "What? Wow, I've never heard of that!  What happens?  Is there a cure for that?  Would you like this batch of cookies I made?  They're free.  No percent of the non sale of these will go toward anything, not even your disease that you just told me about."

Remember when ribbons were to be worn in your hair?  Or tie around old oak trees?  Or decorate packages?

Yep.  The good old days.

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