Friday, October 26, 2012

Would You Like A Cavity For Your Birthday?

It's my birthday today.    If you say happy birthday in the comments, I will delete it. That's not why I wrote this post.

I never expect any hoopla for my birthday and actually, I get all flustered and upset when people make a big deal in public.

Like the surprise parties that friends insisted on having each year in college for me.  I hated them.  I really, really don't like surprises.  They finally stopped by the time we were seniors. 

I love to plan surprises for other people, but I don't like them myself.

Sometimes, k-ster has sent roses to me at school for my  birthday.  And I've just about crawled in a hole and died. 

Some years, people have wished a happy birthday to me on the morning announcements and all day I've had to hear "happy birthday!" like it's a contest to see who can say it to me first.

Today, the music teachers got ahold of the mic and not only did they say happy birthday during morning announcements, THEY SANG IT IN HARMONY.  I seriously could have dropped dead right there. 

However, being the trouper that I am, I made it into a teachable moment and taught each class how to say it's so-and-so's birthday and happy birthday in French. 

After school, I had to go to the dentist.  I have loved going to the dentist for most of my life.  Because I have perfect teeth.  As in no cavities, not necessarily that they are perfectly shaped or aligned.

I had braces and took really good care of them, and I get compliments on them.  They are blemish free.  Worry free.  They practically clean themselves.

They are clean, fairly white without being whitened, and, I repeat, cavity free.

So, I love the dentist.  Someone else cleaning my teeth?  Love it.

For most of my life, I went to the same dentist.  When he retired, I joked that I hoped he hadn't been snowballing me all this time with the compliments about my great teeth and really, the new guy was going to find all kinds of problems.

For the first two years, the new guy was not overly impressed, but said everything looked fine. 

Today, however, he showed me a "spot" on the xray that he's worried about and that it might be the beginning of a cavity.

EXCUSE. ME.????  I don't get cavitities!  I have amazing teeth!  I brush and floss!  I don't get cavities! 

And, it's my birthday!  Are you sure you're supposed to tell me that today?

I tried to get an answer from him about how it's possible that I can make it stay as it is and not get worse.  It's kind of mysterious to me that I can have the beginning of a cavity but I don't have to have it filled in and we'll just "keep an eye on it". 

Instead of being straightforward, like the old dentists, this new guy was all "well, I mean, umm, you know, well, it's like, it's not like..."  I don't like people who are my age and younger who are in the professional fields and can't give straight, clear answers.  I know a doctor who is the same way.  It's always "well, umm, you know, I mean , ummm, it's like".

I want just the facts ma'am from my healthcare professionals.  I don't want beating around the bush. I want answers and straight ones, at that.   Otherwise, I feel like the answers are as ambiguous as if I go look on the internet myself.   And I don't get paid the big bucks to go look online to self diagnose.

Ugh.  So, I'm 38 and "might" have a cavity forming in my pristine mouth.  This doesn't sit well me with.  Not. At. All.

But, on a happy note, I have a new bread machine!!!!!!!!  More on that after I make some bread and pizza dough!


  1. Yeah, bread machine! What kind are you going to make to break it in?

    1. White or wheat, like I was doing with the old one before I set it on fire. But mostly, PIZZA DOUGH!!! My sister has this same brand and sent me the recipe for the pizza dough that goes with this machine. FINALLY, I had found the perfect dough and even k-ster was like "oooh homemade pizza!". So, I'm looking forward to all of those carbs making me fat for the winter!

  2. My biggest nightmare! It's why I kept the same dentist all those years traveling back home even though I had to pay extra since he was out of state for my insurance. I swear it's scarier never having a cavity. I cannot imagine getting one now. I will say since being pregnant my teeth are absorbing EVERYTHING and trying to stain. That's scary enough, but my new dentist swears everything still looks "perfect" in there.


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