Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Have Another Confession

This is #2 in a two part series.

I bought Dixie cups for the bathroom recently, and I'm actually using them.

In a household where paper towels are taboo and the cheapest toilet paper out there graces our butts, I have recently declared it necessary to bring paper Dixie cups into the bathroom.  Not generic Dixie cups, mind you, and not plastic or wax covered cups.

Just the original paper kind.

And my real confession?  I like the taste of the paper when I drink water out of it.  I always have. 

There you have it.

Bleach and Dixie cups.

I might as well just start smoking cigarettes and painting my fingernails while eating Splenda and drinking a diet soda.


  1. What is that?!?!? I love the weird papery taste too. Why?!? Maybe it's nostalgic? That is so funny. (I like the bleach smell too which is the main reason we use white towels)

  2. I didn't realize how I miss the taste of Dixie cups until just now! Oh, it was an exciting day when we got a new Dixie cup design (our mom made us reuse them for a few days, otherwise my brother and I would go through, like, a box a day).

  3. THat's so weird, reusing them! The practically disintegrate as you use them the first time, so how the heck did they last for a reuse? I remember different characters on them and maybe flowers, but what I remember most is the dispenser that was stuck to the wall (which sometimes let about a dozen come out at one time) and the taste. Definitely the taste.


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