Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Favorite Posts From 2013

I posted the top 10 posts on my blog that were viewed in 2013 according to google analytics.  Most of them are craft or food oriented, so I wanted to share with you my own favorites.  These are not craft or food related.

I only chose 3 because these still tickle me as I reread them and they are kind of long.  I know your attention span is less than 4 minutes- thank you google analytics.

I can't decide if it's a good thing to laugh at my own posts when I reread them later or if it's just a sign of insanity.  Check them out and decide for yourself!

This was truly my favorite from the entire year because it was so outrageous.  I still laughed today when I reread it.

I still know I don't belong on the Amazing Race as explained here.  This was one of your favorites too.

This one left me pretty scarred when it comes to tunnels.

Let's see what's in store for 2014!

We're starting with this:
A snow day for this much snow.  At 10am, this was the "plowable snow event" that had been predicted.   They've been talking about this "event" for days.  And it's coming just like they said.  Very light and easy now, with a lot more tonight.

Remember when you were a kid and there was just suddenly snow everywhere?  Not much for predictions.  Not talking about it days in advance.  In fact, it was usually when they did talk about it in advance that they would say it would totally miss us and we'd wake up to a foot of snow.

And as much as I love knowing the night before that school is cancelled, there were not ALERTNOW messages.  There was no internet to go check the radio station's website to see if they had called it in.

We used to stand around the radio, fingers crossed, praying (it was a Christian school) that we would be on the list as they announced it.

It was the only time we stood around the radio.  I don't want you to think we were the Waltons or anything, with just a radio for entertainment.

January 2nd and we're already having snow days.  At this rate, it'll  be August 1st and I'll still be posting about school.

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  1. We had school today and I am so glad about it. I would much rather have the boys out in June so we can go to the beach!

  2. you know, I think I got the idea for a chevron quilt in my head because of yours in Aug. I do like the post about the couches because I share your couch frustrations. We have cushions that dont' stay back into the couch.

    -Possible snow day for us tomorrow!

  3. I took my time and read them all ~ way longer than 4 minutes ~ and I laughed all the way through. :)

  4. I still think that snow picture looks like raging flood waters every time I see it!


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