Friday, January 10, 2014

Redneck Northern Lights

Yesterday, they made a big deal on the news about how our area might be able to see the Northern Lights once it got dark.

I'm talking about the Northern Lights that are the natural phenomenon, aurora borealis.  Aurora is latin for sunrise and borealis is Greek for north wind.

There's also the aurora australis in the southern hemisphere.

There, now you learned something!

Not this kind of northern light, which I can look at any night of the year.

I saw some Northern Lights once, but I thought I was having some sort of brain collapse and didn't enjoy them.  They were pretty vivid but so out of the ordinary that I didn't know what I was seeing.  It was like green ooze across the sky and I was pretty freaked out.

It was ridiculously cold last night, so I never made it out after dark to see if I could see them.  It was pretty unlikely that it would have been worth my while.

This morning, however, I got my own Northern Lights show.

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