Friday, January 3, 2014

Pa Needs To String A Line To the Barn

Do you know that reference?  Little House on the Prairie.

When I was little, I loved reading those books.  It seems the scenes in winter left the biggest impression on me.  I could just picture the snow up to the second story windows and the scene where there were such high drifts that the only way to get safely to the barn was to tie a rope from the barn to the house and follow it to get to the animals.

It's been an unspeakable amount of years since I read it,  but I can so vividly picture the scene that she described, as though I was watching Pa do it right now.

I know there was the TV series but I don't remember watching it much.  I'm pretty sure that scene wasn't in an episode that I watched.  I remember it always being daylight and sunny on the TV show.

And that I didn't like Melissa Gilbert.

We had a good laugh about this at Christmas because I've stated very clearly that I don't like to watch shows about life before electricity.  I watch Downton Abbey specifically because it's early 1900s and they are rich enough to have electricity.


Life before electric lights just makes me sad to think about.  If I watch a show or movie before electricity, I get all tense and distressed, thinking how hard life would have been.  I don't need that from TV!

So, how I could stand reading Little House books is beyond me.  Maybe I didn't have those requirements when I was 9.

In any case, we do have electricity today, but we have quite a storm on our hands.

It's scenes like this that make me glad I don't actually have a small farm.   Or any farm, actually.   I would totally have to tie a rope to the barn to make sure I could get there!

I made a big deal about putting storm windows on the windows a couple of years ago and this one didn't have the storm part down, so the snow came right in to the window frame.  At first glance, it's hard to tell if the snow is actually up that high or just blown in!

 This view always seems so much bigger when there's snow on the ground.

I keep shoveling the walk but the snow blows right back in.  It's just mean out there.  It's creeping toward the teens and the wind is awful.  I usually don't mind shoveling because I get warm, but the wind is blow everything right back and it's not nice.

No outdoor showers today.  K-ster seriously considered it last night.  He has a propane heater that he uses to warm the pipes and himself but I reminded him that he also had to actually get out to the shower and back.  And to the bulkhead doors to get down cellar to turn it on and off.

That might have dissuaded him a wee bit even though we had about half this much snow.


  1. We didn't get hit as bad as they said we were going to - which is fine by me.

  2. We're just the way you remember it on the t.v. show, it's nothing but blue skies and sunny over here which is very unusual weather for us. We should be knee deep in snow right now, but no - nothing - notta


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