Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Hits From 2013

Another year, another list of favorite posts.  I have my own favorite posts, of course, but as the year goes on, many of you have shown just how much you have enjoyed some of them along the way.

Your favorites according to google analytics, anyway.  I'm not really sure I use google analytics right but I guess I'll never know.

#1  How to refashion a sweatshirt.  I was so happy with how this came out but I never liked it on me before or after.  It's just too big and made of yucky material.  But the concept totally worked and I'd do it again for sure!

#2  Never missing an opportunity to degrade myself, this came in at #2.  And let us reread and remember just why we shouldn't do this!

#3 Another sewing post.  I think I'll make this again but I haven't done it yet.  I took the idea from a picture, so there were no quantities given for the size I wanted to make and I had to wing it.  I like it when a pattern suggests actual quantities of fabric so I have an idea just how many of something I have to make.

#4 Even after I watched the Amazing Race this season and contemplated how I'd love to do it, this reminds me why I need not apply.  Ever.

#5 There's no pot here.  Or anywhere else, for that matter. 

#6  Sometimes, it's more fun to make things for boys than for girls.  And I'm still fighting with my mind over which method of putting the quilt together is best since I don't own a quilting machine.

#7  I still have some of these and they are rather spicy!   I will make them again if I have such a bounty but probably with less garlic.

#8  This one is still making me mad as I look at it every.single.day.

#9  The internet sure does love a possibly dirty title.  I will have you know this was written in March of 2013 and as I write this in December of 2013, the gate on the shower has still not been fixed.  K-ster did take a slat from that gate and replaced a missing one from the front gate, but I'm not sure it helped much.   We've probably entertained the neighborhood all year.  Everyone needs a cheap thrill, right?

#10  Very wise organizing.  No one has broken into my house and needed to know the code yet, but just in case, it's spelled out for you.

It's intriguing to me that the posts with the most hits are those that are craft or food related.  I would like to think people are coming to my blog time and again because they enjoy my wit, not because they are getting me through google and just want to see my version of how something is made and then they go about their merry searching.

Thank you all for coming and let's see what 2014 brings for inspiration!

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  1. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! I look forward to keeping up with you next year :)


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