Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Amaryllis Triplets

My mother got us all amaryllis bulbs a couple of Christmases ago, and mine bloomed really nicely.  I kept the bulb and let it die off and got it growing the next year.  My mother gave me another one and the new one bloomed but the old one just made some really nice green leaves and that was it.

Last year, I got yet another one that grew some nice flowers.

I kept all of the bulbs, let them die off and stored them.  This year, I put them in bigger pots and started them earlier.  And off they go.

But I'm skeptical  about the flowers.  The leaves are coming up in inches per day, but there is nothing in the middle that acts like it will carry a flower.

And these pots are absurd.  They are from some rose bushes that k-ster planted at work, so they are bright green and have words on them.  They do not look good or festive in the living room.

If these don't bloom this year, it's off with their heads!

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