Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Think I'm Being Stalked

I have a student who is obsessed with me.  It's really clear in her pure enjoyment of anything that comes out of my mouth and her extreme happiness in two activities that she does with me.

She's very nice, a little younger than her classmates and pretty much out in left field most of the time.  She lived in another country for a while and I don't think she knows how to relate to her American classmates and I'm not sure that right now she realizes it.

Yesterday, after one of the activities she does with me, she presented me with an acrostic poem of my name, with a cutesy little expressions with each of the letters of my name.  I'm sure you did one of those, or your kid did.  You take a name like Joan and do this:

Jolly good fun
On time for everything
A great friend
Never mean to anyone

They are really overdone and everyone thinks they're doing it for the first time with kids when they do it.

It was cute but kind of creepy because she was supposed to be doing something completely different during the activity.

When I put it over my desk, I realized I had another "gift" from her that she made me the first week she knew me.

At first, I thought it was unusual but cute.

It was September and I thought she was just dreaming of Christmas.

And today, I realized that there's a person's legs dangling in the window.

I think it's me.   My sister a-ster thinks it's her spying on my "perfect Christmas".

And this got me thinking about the value of this picture as written at the bottom:

That's the ransom she's going to hold me for.  Except it's a fictitious number because there are too many zeroes after the decimal.  No one will know how much $200.000 really is, so she'll never hand me over.

You heard it here first.  It's been nice knowing you.

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  1. Awww, that's cute. I have one that age (you teach 4th grade, right??), so I get it.


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