Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Gift That Keeps Giving

My sister a-ster sews really nice things and she's been like a sewing factory since L-ster was born.  Go look at her site after you're done reading this.

I said AFTER you were finished reading this post.  It's good stuff, though, right?

Lately, along with everything else I own, I've been "wearing out" my pajama pants left and right.

I was not doing high kicks, I swear.  All I did was move over on the couch and they were so threadbare, they just exploded.

I'm down to one pair of flannel pajama pants.  Since she's been making cute pants for L-ster, I asked her to make me a pair.  I could make them myself, but I thought it would be a fun surprise to see what fabric she'd pick out for me.

She puts a pretty contrasting cuff at the bottom and I happen to love this color combination.   It's more of a green cuff in real life but the ipad doesn't always catch the right colors.

I wasn't surprised to get a pair because she asked me my inseam out of the blue one day.

Something got a little lost in the translation though, because this is how they fit.

I could either hope I grow into them, or adjust them myself.  It's an easy fix to just roll down the waist and sew a new channel for the elastic and then tighten the elastic.  And every time I wear them, I can crack up remembering how tall they were the day I opened them.

It was pretty entertaining to put these over my jeans Christmas day to see how they fit.  The inseam is perfect. But I like my pants below my chin natural waist.

My father had missed the whole thing and looked over when I had them on and was like "what are those for? Are they waders????"

** After looking at this, my sister pointed out that they really don't look as silly in this picture as they do in real life.  Here, they kind of look like you would expect pajama pants to look.  BUt, I had to contort myself to take the picture because k-ster didn't want any part of possibly upsetting my sister with pictures of her handiwork.

***Also, I do not have a weird disease that makes my foot look like it might be the wrong color or possibly fake.  Those are tan socks I'm wearing.

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