Sunday, August 3, 2014

Growing A GIF In My Garden

I love to do photo challenges on instagram because it makes me remember to take pictures and it's fun to see if I can actually do the challenge for the day.

Right now, I'm doing Rachel's August photo challenge from Adventures in Wunderland.  Is it weird that I follow her on instagram but I'd never been on her site until this very moment?  How do these things happen?

Anyway, today's challenge is Summer Selfie.  Since I no longer have a phone whose pictures I can actually get onto a computer, I have nothing to use for selfies except my actual camera which has a timer.

Why doesn't the ipad have a delay so we can do awesome selfies?  Every selfie I do with my ipad looks like I'm posing for an upper body competition because I have to hold that giant thing in front of me and try to tap it to get a picture.  My arms aren't long enough and the weight makes it look like I'm flexing.  My arms look enormous, my neck looks thick.

I'm  like The Terminator.

I'm not above putting the ipad on a table and using my toe to tap the screen.  Seriously.

But for this one, I knew the best summer selfie  I could take would have to be in the garden.  I am in the throes of an amazing garden season and everything is so lush it's almost blinding to look and see all the growth.

There's no way I could take a selfie with the ipad  in my garden.  No matter how flexible I am, you'd never see the lush vegetation and me at the same time.  You'd just see up my shorts.

Don't ask me how I know this.

So, I set up my camera, set the timer and darted around my garden about 50 times to get what I wanted.  Every time, I was sure someone could see me and wonder what I was doing, crouching and grinning in my garden.  I'd set the timer, run and crouch down, smile, and then pop up and go look at my handy work, set the timer and do it again.

We provide endless entertainment here at our campground.

It was hard to choose just one.  They were all pretty ridiculous.  Made even more ridiculous by my pose in this one.

When my sister a-ster was here, she had a million pictures of Beanster in her invisibility cloak and as she went scrolling through them, I said she should make a video of a few of them together. I didn't know they were called gifs and you can make them online.

Here it hers, at the bottom of this post. I crack up EVERY time I see it!

When I looked at my handiwork, I suddenly saw my own gif happening.  One thing led to another....

Tip, when making a gif, it's best to have the same exact background over and over, so only the subject moves.  The first two pictures actually look as though I am rising up out of the broccoli but when I shifted the camera a little to take the next shots, you can see the shift in background.

I crack myself up.  Why are gifs so funny???

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