Monday, August 11, 2014

Time For Ponyhats!

If you're like me, you hate to wear winter hats for several reasons:  they are itchy, they smoosh your hair and the worst part:  you look like a boy!  I need any flowing, puffy hair I can get because when all of it is smooshed to my head, I look like a 15 year old boy and it's just not pretty.

VoilĂ  the ponyhat!

What's this?  A hat that allows the ponytail to flow in the wind?
A hat that feminizes that knitted hat so I won't look like a boy??  Or a little less like a boy?


I discovered ponyhats a few years ago and love how they come together and how simple but smart they are.  It seems like everyone I see who is healthy and active has long, flowing hair, and I know it's no fun to trap it all in a winter hat, especially if you're going to be active and get sweaty.

Letting the ponytail out makes it cuter, more fun and takes some of the heat and bulk out of a full head of hair trapped under a hat.

When I first started making them, they were pretty plain.

Recently, I've added the fun loops at the top to make it funky and cute.

And when I found a pink and green combo I loved, I decided to put them together.

You can wear the hat with a ponytail already in an elastic, to give it more pep, or you can just pull your hair through the stretchy hole at the top as I did here.

Most of my ponyhats are made of acrylic yarn which isn't really what I prefer, but it's what I can find most easily and in the widest variety of colors.  They wash and dry well and they aren't too itchy.

Recently, I found a 70% acrylic/30% alpaca combo in cherry red.

It's really more red than orange but it's impossible to get the color right in a picture.  This yarn is the softest thing I can imagine and doesn't seem to be itchy.  It's not machine washable and I think if you dried it in the dryer it would shrink but I love it anyway.

The fun loops were an addition this month and I'm thinking of adding some rosettes or something else for more fun.

If you love the hat but worry that you don't have a ponytail, the hole at the top is made on an elastic and it's about 1 inch wide.  You could absolutely wear it without pulling the ponytail through and if it's one that has loops, I don't think the hole would even be noticeable.

If you believe that the head is really the hottest part of the body, then you know the the hole at the top will allow some heat to escape but you'll still stay warm.

These are great for men too, even if they don't have ponytails!

All of these and more are for sale on my etsy.  I charge a little more for the fun loops at the top and if you want a custom color, contact me and I'll see what I can find.  Shipping is always free.

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  1. This is really cute. I haven't made one of these before.
    Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above


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