Friday, August 1, 2014

Spooky Dancing Man

I've had a great summer so far (and I say so far, because I still have an entire month before school starts and I'm sick of already hearing people say back-to-school  because it's very far away!!) and I'd say I'm fairly relaxed.  Not a lot of stress going on.  I'm pretty laid back, not worrying about much right now.

My brain is not working on overtime as it usually does.

There's plenty of time to think about school later.

I let you know I'm not under a lot of stress because a most stressful thing happened the other night, as I was locking up and getting ready to go to bed.  It was one of those moments that lasted for what seemed like hours, where I was frozen in time, not sure what to do.

I looked out and saw a strange man, dressed in light clothes, near the greenhouse.  Since we own a campground, it's not unusual for people to be in my yard, but at 930 at night, it was kind of strange.

And to be so near the greenhouse.  Like the back corner of it.  Not near the door or the center of it or anything.  Just at the back corner.


And he was doing a strange dance.  He was weaving back and forth, not really going forward, not really going backward.  And he'd raise his hands UUUUUUUPPPPPPP in the air and then let them come back down and then UUUUUUUPPPPPP they'd go again.  And his body would kind of billow forward as his arms went up and then curl  back in when they came down.

It was almost like Tai Chi but he was alone and it was dark out.  Very unsettling.

I started to get kind of freaked out.  I really couldn't figure out what was happening.   I didn't see a dog or a kid with him.  He kept standing there alone, doing this very strange dance.

Had this been a cartoon, I would have rubbed my eyes to clear them and you would have heard them squeaking.

I thought of yelling for k-ster.  I thought of calling the police.  I thought of wetting my pants because it was just soooooo creepy.

And then I realized.
It's a drop cloth that I used when I repainted the kitchen last week, and I thought I'd air it out before putting it away.  So, I hung it out during the day and left it, not caring if it sat for a few days.

The airier, the better.

And as it blew in the wind, going UUUUUPPPPP and down and UUUUUUPPPPP and down, it wasn't a man.

Just a figment of my imagination.

The asylum?  They have my room ready for me.

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  1. I've been watching 'pretty little liars' and it makes me think there are people in my yard too. I'll think of you enjoying your month of summer when I'm at school in 2 days!


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