Monday, August 4, 2014

Hang On To Your T-shirt Before I Recycle It Right Off Your Back!

I've created my own monster.  I watched a video about how to cut t-shirts to recycle them into "yarn" for crocheting projects and I can't be stopped.

I cut up a few shirts and made a rug for my etsy and thought that was the end of it. I explained how to do it here.

But I've been eyeing every t-shirt in the house lately and somehow, I managed to come  up with enough this week to make this.

The bottom is from two "ladies style" t-shirts from when I did promotions.  These are supposed to be 100% cotton, but when I cut them, they didn't do the nice curling maneuver that the other t-shirts did, so I didn't think it would work.  I actually like the way it crocheted better than the other "yarn"!
I was also surprised that small shirts worked as well as I wanted them to.  In my tutorial, I said I wouldn't bother with any shirts that were smaller than XL, but they were ladies S and I got a lot more out of them than I expected.

I've put it on my etsy for sale, but I think I have to make one for myself.  The storage possibilities are endless and because the t-shirts make a thicker "yarn" than actual yarn, this basket actually holds its shape and stands up  more like a basket.

 I love the handles!
When I filled this one with yarn, I had a flash of pure insanity.  Since I know I will teach crocheting class again during our enrichment period this year, I thought maybe I should make each girl a basket of her own so she can keep her yarn and hook in there and we can put them on shelves instead of throwing them in plastic bags in a bucket like we did last year.

And then I came to grips with that reality and decided I'll keep my ideas to myself and not make 25 baskets before September.  Can you imagine THAT insanity?

And I know what you're thinking:  have them make their own.  Maybe 2 of them could do that at the beginning because they have a grandmother who already taught them.  For most, it took the entire year to be comfortable with holding the hook and yarn and complete their way around a granny square without help.  They're only 9-11 years old and most have never handled yarn crafts before.

Those first few weeks- oh I don't relish starting that again next  month.  Hooks falling, girls crying, work being ripped out over and over and being asked 456,000 times in 50 minutes:  now which hole do I go into?

Umm, try the one over there behind the bookcase that teleports your into another universe- oh sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I swear this basket is my last t-shirt upcycle for a while.

But then there's this...

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  1. Ok, now that is pretty impressive!!

  2. It looks great! I would love a tutorial when you get back to this type of thing. :)

  3. What a great idea! This looks great and is useful as well. Thanks for sharing!


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