Friday, August 27, 2010

Feel Good Friday, Already?

It's hard to believe we're there again, already. One more Friday of freedom before the kids descend on my oh-so-neat-and-tidy classroom. We have to go back next Wednesday and Thursday but the kids don't go back until the 7th.

So, after 3 rants about name brand products this week, it's Friday and I have to think about things that were good or funny this week.

1. I went to see Josh Turner this week and he was good. I'll be posting an entire post about this later. But it was enjoyable.

2. Kathy over at The Junk Drawer found me, no wait, I found her, and we are kindred spirits in our frustration with Sunchips. She encouraged me to blog about my composting efforts which I did. We've chatted a bit and I think we have a lot in common. So that was fun.

3. I now have functioning sewer pipes. I didn't know there was a problem but found out this week and it was rather in depth. But everything flows nicely now. I think I will be posting that story later too. I find that since I've started blogging, I save up ideas for a rainy day and then these posts never really materialize. Hmmm.

4. I was allowed (yes, we weren't ALLOWED last week and I was livid) to get into our classrooms this week and I have things arranged nicely and feel less worried about that. Last year, I moved rooms and at this time was out of my mind with where things were and what I needed to get done. I have my act together much more this year.

5. I attended a fitness conference over the weekend and was so inspired by Mindy Mylrea. She is hysterical. Because she's small and cute, she just gets away with saying the most hysterical stuff while she's kicking your ass. And I love her even more for it. She said my favorite thing in 2 different sessions and I'll share it. She was explaining that women often don't do squats right and that we spend too much energy working the quads when we should be working the glutes. Her solution is to take a small ball(she was using the famous Bender ball but any 8 inch inflatable ball would do) and hold it between the thighs. This sets women up better physiologically for squats. Her theory, after watching men do them perfectly, is that men have been carrying a ball between their legs for their whole lives and they know how to do squats the right way, so we should put a ball there too and voila, perfect squats. This is much funnier out loud with her scratchy voice and all the women gasping because there's ONE MAN in the group of like 800 women. I want to be Mindy when I'm 50. I'm the right size, and sometimes I'm funny and usually, I'm fresh. Maybe I'll get to be her when I grow up.

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  1. OMG. The ball thing made me laugh. I thought I knew everything, but I didn't know how to make a better squat.

    Thanks for mentioning me in your Feel Good Friday! I think we have tons in common. Consider me a forever fan.

    p.s. You won't believe what my tree-hugging coworker gave me today. A biodegradable bag that doesn't sound like glass breaking. He bought shoes from a company called Sanuk. I'm probably going to blog about it. And I'm sure he's going to test how well this bag breaks down. If someone deems it safe to put food in, then that's what they should make chip bags out of. It's virtually silent.


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