Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh My Burning Legs

What a week. On Monday, I said mean things about Huggies. On Tuesday, I went nuts about Sunchips. I let that go onto Wednesday too. Why not finish the week ranting about yet another company. I give you: Aveeno.

I was never a fan of shaving cream or gel because I thought good old soap and water did just fine and I am too Thrifty to spend the money on it. And it did fine for many, many years. About the time that I started using the outdoor shower-which is now illegal- I realized that my legs were suffering from severe razor burn. This is probably because it's sometimes cool out there and though the hot water feels good, it causes goose bumps and then I must shave right over them. So, I found Aveeno Ultra Calming Shave Gel with feverfew. the feverfew makes the different as I tried another style and it didn't work. I loved it and have used it for quite a few years. I stock up on it when it goes on sale. It keeps my legs calm and no razor burn happens when I use it.

In the spring, I noticed that CVS no longer carried it and they had a strange sign on the shelf that said something about issues with dispensing. I thought that was odd. Stop and Shop still carried it, so I used some coupons and bought a few. And then I noticed they weren't restocking it at CVS. And recently I totally ran out and they dont' have it at Stop and Shop either. And there isnt' even a tag for it on the shelf anymore.

So, I did what I do when I can't find something. I went to the interwebz and I searched until my fingers bled. And yes, I found many places that had it, until I actually went to the link and whooops, they no longer had it. I went to the Aveeno site and clicked on every store they said would have it. And they did not. I even went to just any random place online. BUT NO ONE HAD IT. Really??? No one in the entire universe? Not even some god forsaken place?

Now, this makes me nervous. WHen I've used a product for a long time and then it suddenly clears off of every shelf in the known world, I get worried that they discovered some horrid side effect or latent chemical. Like in the 80s when Citrus Hill orange juice just up and vanished. For years, I was sure I had been drinking poison but as I just googled this, I found that they got into huge trouble for calling it fresh when it was concentrate and couldn't survive. Ahhh the joy of knowing that it wasn't poison.

Anyshave, back to Aveeno. I emailed the company and asked what the story is. This was their very convert response: With regards to your recent inquiry, at Johnson & Johnson Inc., the quality and safety of all of our products is of utmost importance. We are aware of this dispensing quality issue and the cause is currently under investigation. We know that these products enjoy a high level of consumer loyalty and satisfaction and you can be assured that we are taking all appropriate corrective action to resolve this problem. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The product will be available on the market by the end of 2010.

What is dispensing quality? When CVS had that little tag about it, I thought they meant that there was an issue getting it from the manufacturer. This makes it sound more like you would push the button to get gel but get nothing. This never happened to me. Why punish me like this if all my cans of shave gel worked just fine???? What is the big INVESTIGATION? Get over here and INVESTIGATE the bumps on my legs!! No other gel works, I've tried. Maybe they will change their minds when I braid my leg and armpit hairs into the words AVEENO.

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