Monday, August 30, 2010

It's a Wonderful Thing

Yesterday, I went almost all day with no internet connection in the house ! I KNOW! This also meant I didn't have a phone, but no one ever calls me, so I didn't know that. As it turned out, it was my fault. When I was mowing, I pulled out a wire that I swear k-ster told me was cable and since we don't have cable, I wasn't worried.

Then I tried repeatedly to use the internet in the house but it wouldn't stay connected, no matter what I tried. When k-ster got home, I told him and he explained that though the lights on the modem were all green, they weren't all on so no DSL was coming into the house. LIGHTBULB OVER HEAD. Oh wait, I pulled out a cable this morning when I was mowing!

He went out to look at it and after opening the compartments, I had no idea what was really inside that telephone box on the house but now I know, it's fascinating, he had it back together and working. How stupid we would have looked if I had had to call Verizon.

And here is the wonderful part. K-ster really is a Jack of all trades. I know an awful lot of people whose husbands can't connect anything, don't even know what a screwdriver is, wouldn't get on the ground to fix something if their lives depended on it. Thank GOD k-ster is none of those things. He is very handy. And this makes me handy because I watch what he does in case I have to do it next time. Living in a very old house, there are a LOT of next times and it seems he is never here the NEXT TIME so I do have to do things myself (his favorite activity to miss is pushing the button on the furnace. This only occurs when a) I need to take a shower and be somewhere immediately or b) it's freezing cold and I'm already undressed and in the shower thinking it will warm up in a minute. Then I have to go down into the creepy dirt cellar and push that button. I HATE IT.) I am a serial observer. I am so fascinated by watching people do things, especially fix things. I realized recently that the real reason I love watching what they do is so next time I can just do it myself and wow someone else with my skills. But seriously, if I could get paid just to watch people, I'd do it in a second! But I digress.

So the wonderful is that k-ster is such a man and can get dirty and fix things in the blink of an eye. I like to tell him that I stick around to keep him honing his skills(pulling out cables, breaking drawers, etc)! Not only did I know we'd be together forever when he ordered a mushroom pizza, I knew the first time he fixed my cassette player in my car that this one was a keeper. And if he ever leaves me, heaven help the next one because I cannot be with a man that I know I am manlier than. And with all of the observing I do, I can be pretty manly when I have to be.

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