Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm So Excited

Yep, about tomatoes. It takes so little to give me such joy. I usually have to wait until about September for my tomatoes to turn. Last year, I saved a ton of seeds from 2 kinds of plants and all that I planted actually grew. One is Brandywine and the other is Mortage Lifter, both heirlooms. Sadly, I might have created some cross pollination because I grew them near each other, so I really don't know what I'm getting for fruit. On each plant there are some tomatoes that are all crunkly and ugly like heirlooms and there are also some nice smooth tomatoes that look like Brandywine. But I'm excited because two tomatoes, on 2 different plants are turning! It's early August and I might get to enjoy a tomato of my own before school starts!

So I'm very excited. Did I mention that? These plants are on my patio, which is significantally hotter than the garden, so nothing red is happening in the garden yet. I especially like the Brandywine because they are kind of pink. You might remember, I have a think about pink: see here or here to find out about my pink hysteria.
Ahh, the little things.


  1. My tomatoes are doing horribly bad. I had tiny red ones last month, like three weeks ago and the rest are small green ones. The weather has been too hot and too wet. I think I am going to be getting most of my tomatoes from the farmer's market this year. I'm so glad yours are working for you.

  2. We've got tomatoes too! My daughters grow ours on the Topsy Turvy, and they get so excited about it:) We've also got some little pumpkins growing too!


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