Sunday, August 15, 2010

Would He Do It For You

So, on Feel Good Friday, I read Erika's post on her blog which tells us that while she injured her back over her blog(I am totally empathizing here because I once did my neck in over making a quilt) her husband VOLUNTEERED to type her blogpost while she dictated.

This gave me considerable pause. My first thought was "What does HE want in return"? There's always an ulterior motive, right? My second thought was "Would k-ster do it for me?" That gave me a considerable amount of giggles since I know he thinks my blogging is a ridiculous piece of doo doo that isn't worthy of this world. He's mad that I won't FACE but I'll blog. He says facebook is the same. I say it's significantly different.

So then I had to imagine what it would be like if I were to, I don't know, break all my fingers and be unable to type. In this little self movie, there were no other things I had to do such as umm, just go to the bathroom, with these broken fingers, I just had to worry about my blog post. Like it was my job. And then the realization hit me: I am such a nerd and control freak that this would be THE END of k-ster and me. First of all, I speak too fast under normal circumstances, let along while he is trying to type. He is a good typist but still. Then I'd have to worry about grammar and punctuation and MOST OF ALL---SPELLING. We certainly don't have time to correct spelling while I am dictating my words of genius! Inevitably, I'd have a change of thought and have to ask him to go back a paragraph or two. OMG this would truly be the fight of all fights. Somehow, in this movie, I am also blind so I can't just reread it myself, I have to have him read it back to me. At some point, the laptop is thrown at me and it's just over.

Now, if the situation were reversed, I have to admit, it would go like this. On day one, I would type what he said. I would even worry about grammar and spelling, even though he doesn't worry. On day 2, I might do the same. By day 3 or 4, I would be typing summaries of what he said. By day 5, I would be typing what I was pretty sure he MEANT to say. And by the end of the week, I'd just be in the other room, taking over his blog completely. But this is all because I know how I am.

K-ster is very mild mannered. For all of me that isn't easy going, he more than carries the go-with-the-flow attitude enough for both of us. However, when it comes to me being successful with something computer oriented, he gets a little annoyed. He has taught me many things about computing and then when I like it and do it a lot, he gives me a hard time about using the computer. This another reason I do not FACE because I know I would be on it 24/7. So today, I asked k-ster this: If I broke all of my fingers, would you blog for me? I hardly had the question finished when he burst out laughing. This is rare. BURST out laughing and I think HELL NO or words to that effect were uttered.

So my question for you ladies, is, Would Your Man Blog For You If You Became Incapacitated? I'm dying to know.


  1. I'm guessing my husband might blog for me, but he would pay no attention to spelling or grammar...and that might drive me crazy!

    On the other hand, if he asked me to blog for him...I would probably do exactly what you described you would do:)

  2. I don't think Nick would touch my blog--he like to read it but I don't think he would write for it. And Kenny isn't so bad--Really I just was searching for songs I like--I'm never much on knowing who sings them, I just like that song. So there.

  3. That's Kenny Chesney, everyone, not the other Kenny. I have a severe dislike for Mr. Chesney's attitude.

  4. There is no way my BF would blog for me... Welllll, maybe if I realllllly asked him to, he might... but it would only be once and he would definitely want something in return.... but I can say he does do all my laundry, pickup the house, and do outside work... so I guess I can't expect to much;)


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