Friday, August 13, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Here we are again! It's Friday and here are the top 5 things that amused me this week:

1. I have to go backwards because this first one is just amusing to me. You can't forget the couple with the sad trailer from Camper's Delight earlier this week. Sadly, I had no pictures. UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!! There I was, minding my own business while running in a road race, two towns away, when what did I spy with me little eye?I know, I almost had to come to a complete stop during the race, I was so shocked. One would not forget a sad case such as this, and even though I was several hundred yards away, I knew what I saw. And this made sense. The part I didn't tell you in my earlier post is that the mean employer in this case is a family member of a very notably, politically famous family here in the region. As I ran past a parking lot that has recently been named after another family member in this prominent family, I happened to glance over and see that indeed that's the trailer, so indeed, the employer really is a member of this particular famous family. I hadn't believed it until then. So after I ran, I had to go back and take some pictures.This is a back corner of the trailer and looks distinctly like it was crushed. And the glass is broken, which is odd, because these are crank out windows, not the other kind I mentioned that they had propped open with 2 x 4s.Here's the missing water heater box.
And here are the missing lights, wonder how they got it down the road. All of this gave me a chuckle because it's now like this trailer and its saga is following me!

2. I was in the garden yesterday morning and thought these spectacular flowers needed to be in the spotlight. Sadly,the camera really never does anything the justice it deserves. Pretend you are super awed:I've let the morning glories self seed and they are a little out of control this year, taking over things. But they are pretty.The combination of colors is pretty amazing but isn't really showing up here. It makes me laugh that these zinnias are so great because they were a free packet of seeds that I got from the bank and they all actually grew and are pretty! And they are about 4 feet tall!The rose of sharon is a bush someone gave me from her garden two years ago and I thought it had croaked at first. Now it's more than made up for its lack of action in the spring. Mixed in with it are milkweed that I've let do their own thing, morning glories and a magenta hollyhock. I hoped that the morning glories would hold up the rose of sharon because last year they flopped over. Everything seems to be holding everything up this year. The milkweed are almost taller than me.

3. We went to see comedien Gabriel Iglesias and he was pretty funny. Actually, very funny. The comediens that opened for him weren't so funny. They were OK, but not as great as he is. He can tell a great story.

4. I finally got me letter telling me that I am a team leader for the upcoming school year. Even though I THOUGHT I was going to be, I wasn't getting a response from the principal and wasn't sure if I really needed to reserve next week for the meetings that go with it. The letter finally arrived, so I am all set. And that's a nice bonus in my pocket, as well.

5. I ate the first tomato out of my garden this week. This might be a record, as I don't think my tomatoes are ever ripe when everyone else's are. I have lot of tomatoes and many are starting to ripen. And the corn is coming along nicely. And the beans are putting out a steady amount. The cucumbers are playing games with me. They're dying, they're not, they're dying, they're not. They produce, they don't, they produce, they don't. And the broccoli is making a lovely comeback. I hope to see a lot of broccoli this fall. The chard is also coming along, continually producing like I want it to. Oh and the peppers are finally getting their act together. I think they need more water so I might have to rearrange some of the drip irrigation. But now that the ground cherry plant has been banished, that might be easy to do.


  1. My morning glories got extremely unruly when I planted them, but man were they gorgeous every morning! Yours are too. Now, I'm starting all over in gardening. I have high hopes and a few blank canvas (future garden beds) for next year. Maybe I can do some veggies. I always thought that would be cool.:-) Enjoy your weekend!

    Happy Feel Good Friday!

  2. Kinda jealous of your garden, we don't get that much garden time here seasonwise. And I have some wedding pics up--not the best but you can see some.

  3. Ok, I'm still laughing at the fact that you are running a race with a camera tucked away...somewhere?...bra?...front of your shorts?

  4. Sandra-- I can't run with a camera. Too much ADD. I went back with my phone and took those pics.

  5. This is too good that you saw this during a race. If it shows up a third time, you should get a restraining order. :) -Ellen


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