Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1970s Wallpaper Flashback

Ok, so Adam Sandler didn't offer me a contract for his next movie. In fact, for 2 days I looked for evidence of Hollywood and all I saw were some trailers going in the direction of Richmere yesterday and I'm not even sure they were for the filming. So sad. But, I'm not a California kind of girl, so it probably wouldn't have worked out.

They probably frown on putting up your own clothesline in California, anyway.

Today, I'm offering you a chance to go back into the attic of your brains.  Back to a time when interior decorators were all about orange, yellow and green.  And probably brown. 

When Harvest Gold and Avocado Green ruled the kitchen.

Back to a time know as the SEVENTIES (ahhhhhh eeeek nooooooooo).

I mentioned to someone a while ago that I remember our kitchen wallpaper so vividly but I've never seen it anywhere else.  Whenever someone posts pictures from their childhoods, I look for the potbellied stoves that were on my walls.  But I never see them.

I see the fake brick linoleum that EVERYONE had and that I still have in my kitchen.  

But never the wallpaper.

Recently, I was going through some pictures for a bonanza we are having, and I came across this one.  I would say this is my 5th birthday, but I can't seem to count the number of candles.  I remember the ballerinas on the cake but I'm not sure I remember having this little party.  It looks like I have a party dress on and there are some matching plates and everything.  I wonder what was in the present.  I wish I remembered.  That was the hairstyle I wore until I was in about 5th grade, so who knows how old I really was in this picture.  But it looks a lot like my kindergarten picture , so I'll go with my 5th birthday.
Anyway the point of this trip down memory lane was to show you what a cutie I was the fabulous wallpaper.

Mom, don't get mad, you had no choice.  It's what they told you was the best way to decorate.  What did they know?  They were probably all on acid. 

It's funny, all my life I was sure there were potbellied stoves on there.  Now all I can see are scales, pitchers, and what might be a spice grinder, like a peppermill.

Anyone else remember this wallpaper?  You can see the linoleum too and it's still there.  You might think it would have worn out by now, me being 48 and all.  But there it remains, every fake brick still accounted for.  The wallpaper is long gone, replaced with stark white paint. 

I've noticed that all of my walls are stark.  I painted in all simple colors, white or cream or linen.  I went a little crazy with milkshake in the bedroom and navy blue below the chair rail, but otherwise, it's as bland as can be. 

It was probably the cooking implement wallpaper and the ships on the wallpaper in the living room that did it.  Those were some strange ships.  They had orange and green too.  It's too bad I haven't found a picture of them to share....  Today I'm not such a big fan of ships.  I wonder why.


  1. That's funny cause all I remember were pot bellied stoves too. And staring at those weird ships when I was sick and lying on the couch under the "harvest gold" afghan.

  2. we had the same kitchen wall paper and fake brick linoleum


    that is all

  3. I bet it all comes back in style someday :-(

    Sorry you didn't get discovered.

  4. Haha, that wallpaper is too much!! And you were a CUTE five year old :)

  5. I don't remember this exact wallpaper, but I do remember the paper that hung in my Aunt Jan's house. It was 70's with green and brown. She had that same linoleum too!!


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