Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well, Shut My Mouth

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that I overlook and I love to make my life so complicated.  Recently, I discovered some things that I feel the need to share, to educate my readers, so you can simplify your own lives.

First, I discovered that the little memory card in my camera can go in my laptop so I don't have to hook up the camera to download pictures.  GENIUS.  No more cajoling the battery into believing it has just enough juice left to connect so I can download.  No more looking for the cord.  Brilliant.

Second, thanks to the infomercial, I can now move my Dyson with a little less aggravation.  I still don't love my Dyson, but I learned that I can carry it using the lower handle so I don't have to hurt my shoulder. 
This is what I used to do to move it and it's hard for me because I'm short!
I thought this handle was just to carry the cup to the trash to empty it.  I had no idea it was to carry the whole thing!  It's so much more ergonomically appropriate!
I still the the Dyson is full of ergonomically inappropriate options and it's just an injury waiting to happen, but I am happier that I can get it out of the closet easier now.  Amazing what you can learn from 2 seconds of an infomercial.

Third, when I use the outdoor wash stall to hose down Tucker after my lesson, I FINALLY figured out that since the left side floods, I should do the left side first so I don't have to stand in water when I finally get to that side.  Brilliant, no?

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  1. So glad you're figuring out things to make your life easier!! Who knew an infomercial could be so helpful? :)


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