Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Wreck and Devastation Caused By That Hussy Irene

I took some before, during and after pictures so you'd have an idea just how bad things got after Irene blew through here.

BEFORE.  This tree is my nemesis.  I love the look of it, how easy it grows and the fact that 20 years after hurricane Bob, it has grown this tall from the stump of its "parent". But I hate that it's right beside the bedroom.  And that it fell over in hurricane Bob in 1991.  It fell away from the bedroom, but still.  Every time we have wind, I worry it will fall right on us.
AFTER.  Yeah, nary a scratch on the house from this baby.  It lost some leaves.  Whoopee.

During.  I swear.  This was at 12:30pm.  Bright blue sky just as Irene was supposed to be coming in with a vengeance.
During.  This is the river.  There is usually green grass out in the middle of this river.  And we never see white caps like this.

This is normally the view.  No boats or grass during Irene, though.  And we don't usually lounge around on this fence all day.

During.  Do you still see that blue sky?

During.  This is high tide.  It wasn't anywhere near as high as they kept saying it could be.  It was higher than normal. 

During.  Still blue sky.

During.  Oooooh lots of water.  Did I mention that this was DURING the hurricane?  When it should have been dark, nasty, and scary?

During.  Ok, this is kind of scary.  I don't like it when the water covers a dock.

After.  Irene had a little issue with the lushness of my garden, it would seem.

After.  So, she had the final word on my corn, sunflowers and tomatoes.

After.  The greenhouse handled itself very nicely.  No problems at all.  And now I have to bring all of those plants back outside so they don't cook!

After.  This is my only sunflower that remains.

After.  The squirrels had already started helping themselves, so I cut off all of the broken heads and hung them to dry in the greenhouse.  The heads of the sunflowers, not the squirrels.  Although, I'd like to hang theirs too.

After.  Garden #1 was better protected, but she did destroy all of the corn in that one too.  And what she didn't knock over, some animal came in and stripped the corn from anyway.  

So, as you can see, we can barely clean up from the wreck and carnage left by Irene.

It's a very emotional time for us right now.  We had such a devastating storm, you know.

Please bear with us.

If you'd like to reminisce about the lush life we were living before Sunday, please click here and here and here.


  1. Glad you're ok. Your pics are great. I can't tell you how happy I am that you didn't cut the squirrels' heads off and hang them to dry in the greenhouse... eeew!

  2. OMG - where do you live? It's BEAUTIFUL! You have a river in your backyard! So glad the damage wasn't worse and I got a giggle from your squirrel story.

    Sarah xxx

  3. Love your title. Glad you didn't have any problems. I would tune in for squirrel head craft projects.

  4. I have to get the mental image of decapitated squirrels out of my head now, lol! Glad she hardly wrecked any destruction in your area!!

  5. I think you should dry the squirrel heads and then stick them into the middle of the sunflowers. You could make wreaths and sell them as voodoo to ward off hurricanes and hussies named Irene.


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