Thursday, August 11, 2011

Google Analytics Tells An Interesting Story

Here on blogger, we can use google analytics to see what kind of people are stalking reading us, where they come from and what they are looking for.  We can even see such detail as the percentage of Mac vs PC users or Safari vs. Mozilla.  It's really fascinating.  You can break it down by the last 2 hours, day, week, month and all time.

One of the things I love to check out is the keyword searches that let people find me.

The second all time phrase that directs people to me is "pudding pops" because ONE TIME I wrote something about missing the Jello Pudding Pops of my youth.  I think it was the worst post of my entire life. I guess other people out there miss that too.

A lot of the keywords are things like lia sophia or tomgirl, which I would expect, given my blog name.

There are the harmless things like:

4 foot tall marigold pictures
winter squash vines pictures
elementary classroom layout

And then there are things like these:

lady bra catalog grandma- 4 people used that to get to me.  Really?  Lady bra? Is that different from Man bra?

standing and kneeling anal- 3 people!!  Even if you've read my blog only once, I am pretty sure you know that this is NOT the kind of thing I write about! Ever.  And I'm pretty anal about that!

So, when you're out googling something, remember how you phrase it because it will always lead you somewhere and you might be giving off the wrong vibes to google analytics!


  1. You know I only come here for your advice on anal.

    Sarah xxx

  2. I was totally looking for information on lady bras. Now, I'm disappointed. I did enjoy Jello Pudding Pops but didn't realize they stopped making them.

  3. What lady bra-as opposed to a tramp-ish bra? So odd.
    Kid nudist, nudist kids and nudist family. I constantly get those. So creepy!


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