Friday, August 26, 2011

Feel Good Friday

It's a quick Feel Good Friday today.

My little, 3 year old ipod nano croaked during the week and I became a little frantic.  I use it for all of my fitness classes and though I still have lots of CDs, my gym does not have a CD player anymore in the spin room, just an ipod dock. 

I've always thought putting all of your music in one spot was stupid.  See?  I was right!

I did everything I could find online and nothing worked, so I called Apple and the girl told me to do all of what I already did and admitted that for $29 I could have them walk me through some steps but that they would be what I already did.  Sigh.

So, I hoped that the battery would die and that would be the miracle cure.  It wasn't.

I hoped that a couple of days would pass and it would resurrect itself.  It didn't.

So, I went online and they don't even make this ipod anymore.  The new version is a touch screen.  I don't know what you do with your ipod, but if you've never had the pleasure of trying to touch it while you're sweaty and in a hurry, you haven't lived.  I can barely control the scroll thing on the one I have.  No way can I handle a touch screen.

I'm not ready for a new phone and still don't know that I would buy an iphone, even if I was ready.

What to do, what to do.

I figured I would check out BJs and see if they still sell such an old version.  Because I need it fast.  If not, then I would somehow hobble along this week, carrying around an old fashioned BOOM BOX and look for something on ebay.

Lo and behold, my sister e-ster was like "I don't use mine anymore, you can have it if I can find it"

HAVE IT?   Whoa.

She is super tech savvy and has an iphone, so the ipod is probably beneath her.

My only requirements were that it had to have a screen, so no ipod shuffle, and it had to be able to scroll through songs.

Oh, did I mention that mine was 4 GB?  I never filled it because I only put the songs I use at the gym and the occasional audiobook.

E-ster's is 30 GB!!  THIRTY!!!????  I could fill that thing and never get out of my hammock again!

She found it, and gave it to me, complete with over 1000 songs!  It was fun listening to some of them, but she has a mac and I do not, so I can't steal her songs.  I have to wipe it out to put mine on there.  And it's sooooo much bigger than mine.

But it works, and she said I can have it.  She's so nice.  I should probably be nicer like that.  I always give people my time, but never things or money.

So what was your week like?  Tell us about your feel good moments.  Grab the button on the right and get typing!


  1. Super nice sister!

    here's mine:

  2. Great sister, love your post!!! Here's mine:


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