Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can You Help Me?

I have been blogging here with blogger for about 2 years.  I use wordpress for my school blog.  They are similar and different.  I like them both for different reasons.  I don't intend to change one to the other because, in my mind, it makes sense to use one format for my professional life and one for my unprofessional life!

I could swear that until about 2 months ago, if someone made a comment here in blogger, I could always reply to them via my email.  I would see  in my gmail that Susie Sunshine had left a comment, I would click on her name and I could reply.  In fact, this is how several blogships have been formed over these couple of years.

Then a poor soul named the spray paint queen left a comment and I replied.  And the weirdest thing happened.  Now, when I click on a name from most of my commenters, I get this:  Katie @ Spray Paint Queen on the right side of my gmail.  But that isn't an email address.  Below it, there is the 

At first, I thought this meant that poor Katie @ Spray Paint Queen was getting all of my responses to people's comments.  But then I realized that her address isn't an address because there is no .whatever.   I do have her real email address, so I asked her if she is getting all sorts of weird replies from me and she is not.

And the noreply things go nowhere.

Does anyone know if blogger changed something to make this happen?

Does anyone know how her name became the default name to appear?

Does anyone know if there is a setting I can change on my end?  I have been through every setting there is and I can't seem to find it. I really do like to reply to my commenters and until this summer, that was never a problem.

Does anyone know why some people's actual email address does appear in my gmail so I can reply?

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  1. I thinks some peoples emails are linked to their leaving comments and that is a setting on their end. Whenever I try to reply to a comment and that person isn't 'clickable' then my Aunt Donna's name comes up. She must weirdly be set at my default name.... ?


I love comments almost as much as I love summer. I reply to all comments except those ridiculous anonymous comments offering me dirty deeds and real estate. When you leave your comment, please make sure your own settings will allow me to reply to you. Nothing makes me sadder than replying to your comments and then realizing it’s going to the no-reply@blogger address!