Friday, September 16, 2011

Feel Good Friday Again and Again And Again

Here we are again. Haven't I said that somewhere before???  There's nothing like going back to school to make you really see the days fly by.  And today is our first morning that feels like fall.   It's a balmy 50 degrees at 6:30am and sure to get warmer, but I'm not ready for this.  It's perfect sleeping weather, I probably won't be sweaty at school, and we haven't had a frost yet, but I'm not ready.  If you run into Mother Nature, could you please let her know?

On to the feel good moments.

** I started watermelon very late- like August late.  I thought if I put them in this black wheelbarrow, in the greenhouse, on top of black fabric, maybe they wouldn't know it was late in the season and they would produce something. 

Right away,  2 plants emerged and soon had flowers.  And then they had little marbles of watermelons on them.  But they fell off.  I suspect they weren't pollinated.

Then we had that brush with Irene which made us put our plants in the greenhouse.  THis made for lots of flowers in the greenhouse and the bees were just knocking on the door to get in.  I left some flowers in there, opened the door and the sides and lo and behold

Looks like the bees got in there, after all!  With cool nights like last night, I dont' have a lot of hope that they will get much bigger, but we'll see.  THere are two more that are smaller.  The top picture is actually in the wheel barrow, where it's protected and very warm, and slightly larger. 

Now I know that if I start them on time next year and do the same thing, I am likely to have me some sweet, juicy watermelon!

** I managed to can some food over the weekend and I didn't blow up the house with the pressure cooker.  After 2 rounds for some of them, I feel pretty good about doing it and I'm looking for more things to can!

** I sold my office chair from school on craig's list in less than week!  I bought it when I first started teaching because I felt that I deserved to sit on a cushioned surface at some point in the day.  It was comfortable, but I sat in someone else's chair one day last year and realized it was time to upgrade.

So I did and sold mine for $20.  I thought that was a pretty good deal.  AND, he didn't kill me!

**  K-ster had a cold all week.  Not a feel good moment, of course.  But I didn't get it!  And it's been over a week!  FEEL GOOD MOMENT!  It was one of those old fashioned colds where you hear the coughing get better every day but it takes a while.  And it's that deep, phlegmy cough that takes a lot of effort with little result.  I don't know anyone right now with that kind of cold and it's a little out of season.  I don't know who he was licking to pick that up, but I think I steered clear of this one!

**  AFter last week's fussing about the school schedule and how we were going to "dump it and start over", we made it through this week without the new schedule.  My life was great all week and the best part is that I still have 6th grade for French.  I thought I wrote a whole post about the change but I can't find it.

Long story short, the news that I might lose 6th grade for foreign language made me FURIOUS last week and I've been dreading the moment that the final decision would be revealed.  So far, no changes. 

I like that they are still with me and enjoying themselves so that if/when the DO lose it, perhaps parents will be furious and will demand it back and they will have to put it back. 

I'm not clear why there is the potential to lose them and really, I don't know why this schedule isn't working, but so far, it's working pretty well for me!

And that, my friends, is the best I can do for this week. 

My 300th blogoversary is coming up and I don't know why to do.  For 100, I gave you 100 things that make me sparkle.  Then for 200, I gave you the ABCs of Sparkling.  I simply have no ideas for 300.  I can't write 300 things about myself.  I'm lost for ideas.  Hurry and send me some because it's like 3 posts away!

Now go grab the Feel Good Friday button, go write your own feel good moments and come back and tell us where to go.  And I will visit, I promise.  Musings and meanderings and dollycass, I'm going to see what you did last week, I swear. 

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  1. Sounds like you still might have some "baby" watermelons for eating or pickling, maybe? Whatever. They are too cute! Glad you got to keep your 6th graders. I was terrified of my 6th grade French teacher, as she wouldn't speak any English and we only saw her once a week for 30 minutes. I don't know much French to say the least! LOL!

    Here's my post and have a great weekend


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