Friday, September 9, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday the first week of school.  Can I come up with 5 feel good moments?  This should be interesting.  Come with me and let's see!

1.  I had fun the first day.  I wasn't hoarse by the end of the day, like I usually am, and I only stunk up the place a little bit from all the sweating I did.  It's so warm when we get back to school with no AC in September!

2.  One of my advisory (we don't call it homeroom anymore) students saw the newspaper article shellaced taped on my shrine desk from when I was Woman of the Year and she was in awe of me for the rest of the day.  I didn't tell her what it was for or why.  She just thinks I'm famous.  That's a great impression to give a 6th grader!

3.  Kids seem genuinely happy to be back in French.  There have been some years, when EVERYONE hated my class and it was just so miserable as they all grumbled about hating being back at school.

This year, we have a little schedule issue, and there are kids who literally have blanks in their schedules, or this fictitious class called enrichment, which we don't really have.  These kids are missing their foreign language. 

I can vividly remember some years, where if you asked a kid which language they took, they would lie because they hated French or Spanish.  Or, if they were missing a language, they wouldn't tell anyone and they'd just go to whichever class was wrong.  Or, my favorite, they would be accidentally switched from one language to the other and they would try to convince the new teacher that this was correct.

This year, these kids are actually like "Hey, I'm supposed to be in FRENCH!  GIVE ME MY FRENCH!  WHERE'S MY FRENCH CLASS??" and there's a little feeling of panic that they might not really have French anymore!

This is a very exciting thing for me to hear.  I love inciting panic.  It's one of my gifts.

4.  As always, I am very drained by 3pm since it's the first week of school.  I know this is not a disease, it's just first weeks-itis.  Knowing how unplugged I would feel, I planned to ride on Tuesday and Thursday this week anyway.  I figured it would recharge me a little.  And both times, it did.  It took a lot not to just text her and tell her I was dead and wouldn't make it, but once I got going, it energized me for a little while.

Tuesday's lesson was funny because I was more exhausted than I was on Thursday.  I was really tired.   She kept telling me I was very relaxed and this or that looked nice.  I was thinking "yeah, because I have one foot in the grave, so I don't really care if he charges into a brick wall today!"  I wasn't relaxed, I was keeling over with fatigue!

5.  My bed has felt very good this week.  It's been a most pleasant place to lay down and go to sleep.  I hope this weekend will allow me 2 days of very unscheduled behavior.

Oh, who are we kidding??  We know I've already scheduled just about every minute of the weekend so I can be sure that I am really charged for Monday.  Which, by the way, is day 3, not Monday, in my new world.

So, what feel good moments did you have this week?  Grab the button, go write about it chez you and come back here and tell us where to go!

Tune in tomorrow for my request for assistance with a blogger issue that you might know how to fix.


  1. sounds like you are on a rotating day system. We did that to. The kids caught on before I did! We had a 6 day rotation. I was weird for elementary school to do that. I see it in high school, although most jut have blue day, gold day or something. I have first week-itis too. Hubby pointed it out before i did!

  2. Rocking list!So happy you got to incite a little panic this week : )

  3. I wish my kids had the choice of French. Our school only offers Spanish. My younger daughter tried to take French last semester in college and failed miserably because everyone else in the class had basic French in middle or high school. She didn't have to take the class because she has her Spanish for the college language requirement but she wanted to take it because she always wanted to learn French. It was a costly error and has decided after college she will try again with one of the formats you can purchase and learn at your pace.

    Hope you will check out my FGF.

  4. When I was teaching, I felt like I was hit by a truck the first week. Glad to hear that you recharged your batteries! Have a great second week!

  5. Yay for inciting panic!!! What good news :)


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