Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Middle School Life Really Hinges On

It seems that my student, t-ster, has already done the WTF for us. 

"Nathan thinks I'm bi."


"because someone told him i was.  i don't know who"
"that's so messed up! who would  tell him that and did you ask him who?"

"no, mal told me cuz he asked her if i was."

"wow, wtf are you gonna ask him about it"


"okay good and i'm sorry  sam said that to him, it must suck"

Clearly, if Nathan thinks you're bi, then your life in 7th grade just ended.

I'm not clear about what sam said to him or why it sucks or who him really is.

This was confiscated while t-ster was supposed to be very excitedly doing something for me in class.

This is also amusing for me because it hits 3 generations in so many different ways!

Our mothers are going "bi?  bi what?"  "bisexual mom"  "Oh for God's sake!"

We are going "bi?  In middle school?  Did we even know what bi was in 7th grade?  Weren't we busy liking NKTOB and feathering our hair?"

20 somethings are going "yeah, ouch.  She's not gonna make it through middle school at this rate.  I remember when someone started a rumor that I was bi!"


  1. I WISH people thought I was bi. They just thought I was ugly. If you're bi than boys and girls BOTH think you're pretty, and in 7th grade that's really all you want; to be pretty.

  2. Yikes. I was def victim of the "lezzy" comments but I really had zero clue what THAT really was, much less bi!

  3. The only bi in middle school I knew of referred to the female version of the mullet - the dreaded bi-level haircut. I have a middle school daughter, I think I might book an appointment at the salon.

  4. Ha ha ha! If she only knew that in a few years boys like the idea of girls being bi....

  5. Bwhaahahahah! I remember crushing on NKOTB - no idea what "bi" was ;D


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