Friday, September 2, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Here we are again. Another Friday. Another end to another week. And around here, the beginning of the end of summer. This is Labor Day Weekend, all in caps because this is one of the biggest weekends in these parts.
Thanks to Irene,we lost a lot of tourists and seasonal residents.  Wait, sorry, we didn't lose them as in they died.  Or as in they washed out to sea.  Miss Irene just made a big ruckus and then blew out of here on the first bus north. 

But, she came with such a reputation, everyone got worried and left or cancelled their plans to come.  It will be interesting to see if they return this weekend for the last big bash of the season.

Anyway, it's Friday and it's time to list the things that made me feel good.  I haven't done a list of 5 in a while, so now that the school routine is almost back in place, I should get this routine going again too.  Remember take the button and don't forget to leave a comment about where to find your Feel Good Friday post!

1.  Hurricane Irene came and went, and personally, the only effects I felt were in the garden.  Sad, yes, but glad that I didn't have to throw out food from the refrigerator, I don't have a spontaneous skylight in my bedroom and while I am still mad at Nstar for another reason, it's not because my electricity went out for days.  just a few hours, really.

2.  I broke 2 glasses in less than 12 hours and didn't cut myself or spill the beverages that were in them.  I now have a superclean kitchen floor!

3.  We have a new principal and assistant principal and while our opening meeting with just teachers was complete chaos, I like their style and I think there might be some good coming out of this change.  The fact that people left that meeting saying they were impressed that she asked questions and actually listened to what we wanted tells me things have to be looking up.

Seriously, nothing could be worse than what we endured for the past 3 years.  And it's amazing how bad things were and how little I noticed until this new principal came along and she actually spoke a language I understand.  One of success, rigor, excitement.  Wow, what an original concept.  Excitement in the school.  Go figure.

4.  I had to return these shoes to LLBean because I wore them so much that the black had started to turn blue and the print was gone from the toes.  And the inside was tattered.  When I hurt my ankle in the spring, I was told not to wear any heels at all, so I basically live in these.

Because LLBEAN has a great return policy, they took them and gave me a new pair, no questions asked.  But, like I mentioned in this post last September, trapping my feet in them for a whole day was a little painful.  And they are brand spanking new so that added to it.  I was pleased that they did the return so simply and that they still have them in stock!

5.  With my first paycheck of the school year, I got a mysterious bonus and my jaw hit the floor. Then I remembered that it's called Longevity pay.  After so many years, you get a one time payment of x amount and that increases with every 3 or 4 years beyond that.  Since we still haven't ratified a contract, I knew we didn't get any pay increases, but I totally forget about the Longevity pay.  That was a nice little prize in my check yesterday!

6.  I got to meet a real, live bloogy friend of mine!  Stephanie from Stephanie in Suburbia came here to visit her parents and we got a cup of coffee (thank you for paying for that, by the way) at a place nearby.  It was so nice to meet someone that I've been following for a while.  It's like the red M&Ms.  She does exist!!   She even mentions me here and gives details about where I live, so if you've been stalking me and just can't find me, now you are one step closer!

Ok, that's my week And yes, it was 6 things, not just 5.  I can break the rules.  Get over it.  Now go write your own Feel Good Friday post and come back and tell us where to go.  Anyone can do it!!


  1. Sounds like you've got some seriously good mojo going right now! Keep it going.

  2. Wow, you had quite a week. Glad things are looking up at school. Our governor has cut funding so badly here that I am so happy my last child graduated high school last year.

    Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. You broke two glasses without cutting yourself? Okay, I'm officially impressed!

  4. I love that, like the red M&M's she really does exist! Yay to mo' money!

  5. Great things! Especially numbers 3 and 5 :D

  6. Whoops, probably should have kept meeting details to myself, my bad! Bad blogger, bad! But it was great to meet you!


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