Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Might Be A CHeap Attempt To Get You To Look At My Abs

Most of my workout bottoms are either spandex/cotton bike type shorts, or capris.  I don't usually wear a lot of running shorts.   Even for running.  They usually ride up or just make me feel blah.

If I wear running shorts at the gym, I feel like if I do something on the floor, my butt falls out the leg opening.

Enter the best pair of shorts EVER.    They are the Champion® Women's Woven Running Shorts and do you think I can find a single pair left in this universe?

My sister gave me these just this past Christmas, and I have not been able to find the right kind since.  She got them at Target for like $10 and they still have them listed on the website but out of stock.  I guess everyone and their mother liked them too.

See the super wide band at the waist?  And the very wide tie?  There is something magical about these two things that no other short has ever had for me.  I like the tie on the outside because it just seems to fit there.  And the very wide band makes them stay where you tie them.  I have a serious problem with shorts moving all over my hip/waist area and when I'm running, that is not ok with me!

Here's the thing.  They say woven, but they are wind pants type material.  To me, and to the search engines, woven means that mesh stuff that lacrosse shorts are made of and they are not my thing.

Another thing that I love about these shorts is the back.  That white stripe is a great decoy. 

These shorts don't have built in underwear, but I can wear my real underwear and it's not obvious.  They are just loose enough in the leg/butt area that they don't cling.

And when I ran today, they didn't ride up much in the inner thigh area.

Now, I know you are thinking "psht, I bet I can find them online" because I would be thinking the same thing.  I have googled the bejesus out of these things and the best I can come up with is either a truly woven short(ew yuck) or a similar short with a skinny waist.  The wide waist on this really is the key.

And no, I did not go all review crazy and give up the general day to day trivialities that I usually blog about. 

Champion did not compensate me in any way for this commentary, though I would be most happy to review products for any workout wear in the future.


  1. I should have shown my abs to the world 4 pregnancies ago. shoulda woulda coulda. I got some running shorts from my sister too that I love. They have the built in undies, which at first I found WEIRD, but now, I think they are great for race days.

  2. I have a great old Champion sports bra and I can never find the same thing. I feel your pain.

  3. Try getting on the Champion website and emailing them pictures and the style number. It's problem on the label. Good luck!

  4. I'm with Melanie, I'd send a copy of this post to Champion :) And, nice abs!


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