Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's All In the Bag, Baby

  I was never a big fan of bags.  My mother would buy us new school bags every year, but I was never all that excited about them.  A bag is a bag.  Whoopeee.

Or so I thought.

However, my life is now organized solely by bags.  It makes it so easy to just grab that bag I need for the particular meeting or activity and just go.  However, I may have a few too many bags.  But I never carry a purse, so I think it's OK.

My school bag for all of last year.  This fine piece of plastic was one of those bags they sell at Marshall's and TJ MAXX for like $1.99 near the registers.  You are supposed to buy them and then reuse them.  I could not resist this France theme and figured it might last a month or so.  It was much bigger and said TJ MAXX on the sides, so I took it apart and cut it down and the silly thing last the entire school year!

This year, I'm going with this bag from Thirty-One.  Do you know this company?  They do in home shows, like me with lia sophia, and my mother's friend just started selling it.  I wasn't sure I'd actually buy anything, but then I saw this in a million variations and decided this would fit the bill this year.  It has pockets all around it and as you can see, I already put my umbrella in one, some pens in another, I put my crap that I brought home today and I've had this for all of like 2 hours.  The straps are a great length.  Strap length is a big deal for me with my school bag. 

A former lunch bag.  The problem with these, aside from the fact that they are all probably so laded with lead that our great great great grandchildren will still carry the genes distorted by lead poisoning, is that they are never big enough.  I try not to use sandwich bags if possible, so I have lots of containers for lunch and they don't always fit in these kinds of bags.  So now k-ster gets them for his lunch.  They are a huge hit with the boys.

Enter my new lunch bag.  Another Thirty-One product.  This is called a picnic bag, and really, a normal person would use this for a family picnic, not one person's lunch.  But now I can bring as many containers as I want and had plenty of room.  I think it's sideways and I'm too lazy to delete it, rotate the picture and re upload.

Grocery bags, of course.  This one is somewhat insulated, but I live so close to 2 grocery stores, that's really not necessary.  And this bag is filled with other grocery bags.  Do you know that some real lunatics around here actually wrote letters to the editor of our local newspaper explaining how these bags are carriers of disease and they are just full of salmonella and they should know, because they are nurses?  PU-LEASE.  I'm a germaphobe but it didn't stop me.  It's not like I lay raw chicken right in the bags and then lay fresh cut peaches on top of them.  Get over it.

A former school bag, given to me by k-ster's aunt.  It's now my Table Francaise bag.  The handles are just too short to make it a pleasurable bag to carry to school every day.

My ABWA bag.
My gym bag.  For years, I used a small, Ford bag that k-ster got as a consolation prize when his Ford truck wasn't ready when he ordered it.  Then, I got a bigger bag, but it was too big and I was just carrying around a lot more crap than I needed.  Then I saw this pink underarmour bag and become incensed and bought it on the spot.  Perfect size.  And color.
I even like to use a bag to bring in my garden goodies.  I should have left some goodies in it so you would believe me.

A school bag that I made a few years ago that got everyone all worked up because they were sure I was carrying around a diaper bag. I just thought it was cute and a good way to use up part of a quilt that I didn't need.  It's now my bag for Richmere, when I teach in the pool.  It wasn't the best school bag because it doesn't have a lot of structure.
This is the bag within a bag.  I made this for my ipod and all of the wires I need to make it work everywhere.
My bag with my riding clothes so they don't sit in a drawer and stink up the rest of my clothes.  They don't smell bad, they just smell like leather from rubbing on the saddle and I think it would be frowned upon if I smelled like the barn every day.   I got this from a road race I did.  

It really shouldn't surprise you then, that I think it's a good idea to store my niece in a bag too.   Especially one with her name on it.  

So I don't confuse her with any other kids that might be lined up in their own bags in the luggage bin.


  1. Yes, it's important to label bags with kids' names on them so you don't lose the kid in the bag. :) I love all of your bags! The French-themed one is my favorite. :)

  2. I have that brown and white Thirty-One bag. It's a great tote!

    Your niece in that bag is just too cute!!

  3. I made myself a messenger bag for school last year but its too small for a preschool teacher who is transporting nothing flat at all.

    I think teachers are just the queens of bags.

  4. Ok that last picture is adorable! I love bags! I do carry a purse, I have about 5. I also have as many diaper bags. I always think something will make the PERFECT combo purse and diaper bag. I am rarely correct.


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