Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fat Man In A Prius

This is why I teach middle school:

In 7th grade, they are creating haiku in French that revolve around nature.  Today, they were looking for pictures on the internet to help illustrate their haiku, when a kid was called to the office.

When I went over to see what was on his screen, I was surprised to see a bunch of pictures of fat men in Batman suits and other strange pictures.  I looked to see that he had opened bing and was looking for Fat Man In A Prius.

I wondered aloud why he would be looking for a fat man in a prius to illustrate his haiku about a squirrel.  Everyone was quite entertained.

He came back from the office and made a mad dash to his computer, a stricken look on his face, as he saw me sitting there.

"Why on earth were you binging a fat man in a prius (whole class erupts in giggles) when you are supposed to be looking for squirrels?  That just seems a little odd.  Especially since I don't see a single fat man in a Prius, but I do see a lot of fat men in Batman costumes (even more hysterical giggles)"

"Well, ummm, I thought it would be funny."

And it was. Linking up with these funny ladies today:

 Finding the Funny


  1. The thought process of a 7th grader is an unpredictable as a tornado. This made me laugh!

  2. The one year I taught 6th grade I had a few students who just wanted to look up witchcraft stuff online. They claimed 'religious freedom' and I didn't know what to do about it. One of the girl's mom was a 'witch' (like for real wicca witch) and I was so afraid of her I didn't stop her daughter at all!


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