Friday, May 4, 2012

Lock The Doors, They're Coming, They're Coming

Remember this from a post a few days ago?


Right, beer traps for slugs because slugs love beer and they were eating my carrot seedlings.  They managed to nibble almost all of them down to the ground in one night.

So, I created little carrot jails to keep the slugs out.  They are way too lazy to climb up a whole coffee cup and then back down.  And, it's making me feel a little better than I can reuse k-ster's coffee cups.  And it offers the plant wind protection.  I like the idea a little more each day.

And then I came upon this scene.

Not only did the crows pull the red plastic cups out of the ground and either dump or drink the beer and eat the slugs, they also pulled out every white cup except for one.  And they poked holes in one of the white cups, while intoxicated.

And THEN, after I put all of the white cups back around the carrots, and put one of the red cups back in the ground, empty, they came and did it AGAIN and flipped the little carrot seedlings out of the ground like this.

And, I know you won't believe this, but they TOOK ONE OF THE RED CUPS.  I am not kidding.  I had two red cups for beer traps and THEY TOOK ONE.  I can't find it anywhere. 

I know, you're sure that this is a joke, some human thinks I take my gardening too seriously and is playing a trick on me. 

Last year, I thought it was squirrels

TWo years ago, racoons did this.

But squirrels don't care about slugs and racoons wouldn't do this in broad daylight. 

And we have a serious crow infestation around here.

Crows did this in the fall to my parents' lawn.

A year ago, I was saying this about crows.

And they did this to my swiss chard seedlings last year.

I really might have to put up a scarecrow, after all.

Unless my screaming and swearing and wild gesturing scares them.  No, actually, that entertains them.  THis morning, I could hear a crow cackling but I couldn't find the damned thing.

I'm sure it was hungover, red cup laying next to it.


  1. Oh man!! They are smarter than we give them credit for!!

  2. Just wait and see what my latest tactics are....

  3. darn critters. I always say I'm getting a dog just to keep them out of the garden, but the darn dog would just start digging in it.


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