Thursday, May 24, 2012

Teacher Loses Pants, Operation Shock and Awe A Success

If you see this headline tomorrow, don't be surprised. 

I have a new habit of wearing disintegrating clothes without knowing it in the spring and summer.  I don't know if my thighs are super close now or what, but I'm making swiss cheese of pants like it's my job.  It could be that I refuse to throw out clothes if they still fit, due to my frugal nature.  And I love my summer clothes that I bought in the 90s that don't seem to exist anymore.  They appear to be timeless (to me) and I can't part with them.

So, every time I wear these pants that are from the Express circa 199?, I worry that this might be the last time I can be seen in public and not hear the whispers.

I love these capris.  I love the way they fit, the way they hang, the color and did I mention, the way they fit?  I've worn them in Europe, I've worn them just about since I started teaching, I've worn them and worn them and worn them.  And they remain clean and intact.

They  have this very weird closure.  It just zips and then there's a tie thing.  No buttons or clasps.  And they manage to stay up.  Like magic!

There was this one time that I was tieing them and the tie broke (I'm holding the remains) and I thought "Ok, this is the last day for these".  But, many years later, I still dare to wear them.

The inner thighs look ok to me.  Right now.  But there is a good chance they will completely disappear by 3pm and I'll be standing here in my underwear while my 7th graders sit in utter silence.

I suppose I should keep the high kicks and splits to a minimum today.

In the meantime, I'm linking up with Finding the Funny, and Saturday Laughs.


  1. Now that would be a fitting way to end the school year-

  2. Haha- I have pants like that too! I can't part with them!

  3. My eight year old looks at me with suspicion sometimes and asks me how old the clothes I'm wearing are. Often the answer is that they're older than she is. Hey, I'm happy they still fit!

    1. Yes, it's definitely the joy of being able to still fit into clothes that are over a decade old!!

  4. I love capris too! 199?? Wow those are some good ones. But they DO last if you get a good quality pair. I have some I'm still wearing that are about 5 years old.


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