Sunday, May 13, 2012

Overheard at the Barn

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I figure I'm on a roll with all the bra talk, so I might as well add this one.

I was warming up Tucker the other day and overheard this conversation between another rider and her instructor:

"Oh, I know, remember when she just rode out there with nothing but her SPORTS BRA??"

"Tsk, tsk, oh my"

"I know, I was like THERE ARE FAMILIES HERE, I mean, I was soooooo embarrassed!"

"Wow, yeah,"

"I mean she's fit and everything but still.  I mean there are FAMILIES all around the barn!"

more conversation I can't hear....then:

"Like, I remember  Susie, she used to just go off in the woods with her bra top on and a shirt tied around her waist!  I mean, she was fit and everything, but still!  And she had BIG ONES.  I was just so embarrassed!"

So I guess riding like this will be out of the question this summer:

They probably would frown on this too.  I'm more shocked at the white pants on a horse.  How does she keep them clean?  I can't even keep BLACk clean around horses!

And where the heck is her helmet?

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