Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Knew The End Was Near

I just didn't expect this.

Remember when I posted about my grocery store points that I use for gas?  In it, I  marveled at my 1000 points one day and how I saved $1 per gallon.  I was a little suspicious about where those points came from, but I took them and ran.
And then I noticed that after I got back from France, I couldn't seem to hang on to my points.  The first time, I figured it was karma and that the points I got when I shouldn't have were now being taken away.  But then it happened a lot.

And then the final straw was last week.  I intentionally bought some things that were supposed to give me 200 extra points.  I don't usually buy the crap that gets you those extra points, but it happened to be something I wanted and needed.  I was annoyed when a coupon came out at the register saying I had to wait until I made another purchase before the 200 points would show up, but I figured as soon as I made another purchase they would add in, like they have in the past.  I left the store with 400 points that day.

And then the next day, I tried to use my points and I had NOTHING.  And I went shopping and NOTHING happened with my points.  I was LIVID.   All week, I made a few trips to the store and accrued a meager sum of points, but nothing like the hundreds I had had.
I found my receipt from last week and the magic coupon yesterday and I called the hotline and made an amazing discovery.

My sister e-ster, my mother and my GRANDMOTHER and I are all linked.  Weird, since my grandmother wasn't even alive when they started this points system and my sister and I weren't living at home when it was instituted.  So, my sister, my mother and I have been racking up and stealing each other's points!!

I called to break the news to e-ster that she can no longer have my points!  She was like "well, I always thought it was weird.  It was like the lottery at the gas pump.  I'd leave the grocery store with like 50 points and I'd go get gas and have like 500 points!  I never knew what I'd get!"

So, I guess some of those 1000 points were hers and my mother's, so she gets to have my 600 that she stole last week, but now we're even and NO MORE. OF THIS CRAP.
And my mother?  When I first wrote this post, I said that she can't be bothered with points, so I was sure she wasn't stealing them.  Then she posted anonymously that she does use them and could never figure out why she didn't have what she thought she had. 
But the best part?  The nice lady on the phone put 600 points back on my card!!

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  1. I do bother with points and I've been wondering where they have been going. They said I had 300 and when I got to shell I had none what the .,,,,,....!!


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