Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's All About the Bras

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You might remember that I said the word bras in class one day this year.  Well, that same class forced me to say it again today.  Really, the situation needed to be addressed but it didn't need to be taken to the office, so I did it my way.

Students walk in, one student is all aquiver, full of giggles and showing a whole table of kids something.  I see it's some sort of magazine page and he said he got it in another class.  Sensing nakedness in my presence, I immediately decided I needed it on my desk.

"Bob, bring that up to my desk please"  Bob is mortified because he is only the recipient of the contraband, not the laughing fool that brought it in.  Bob's not in trouble

"Jack (the same boy who brought us this).  Really?  You needed to steal a page full of BRAS from Mrs. Brown's room?  BRAS?  15 bras on one page is what you found so funny you had to tell everyone?"  I said bras 3 times!!

"huh huh, yeah"

Everyone's snickering, not believing that once again, Ms. Sparkling is saying bras.  God I hate that word, almost as much as panties.

I stand there, looking it over intently, everyone wondering what my next move will be.  I flip it over.

"So, do I need to call your mom to tell her about all of the bras, underwear and girdles you were looking at during French?  About the page you stole from another class where you were using newspapers...."

(***OMG, she said GIRDLES!  I don't know what a girdle is but I''m sure it's really dirty, the way she's saying it!**)


*class is gasping, chuckling, rolling*

"Or should I call and tell her that you were looking at the blueberry bushes."

"Yeah, the blueberries" 

*all out laughter*

"So, should I call your mom and tell her you are going to buy her some raspberries for Mother's day or you are going to buy her bras for Mother's day, Jack.  What should I say?"

Of course I'm not calling Jack's mother.  Like another teacher said, this is such old school misbehavior, it's kind of refreshing!  Like looking at the Sears catalog!

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  1. Hahahaha!!! That is so funny. I had to pick up a People magazine while back from some 7th grade boys who swiped it from the library because they were secretly drooling over the Heidi Montag cover (the woman who had all the plastic surgeries, including the giant implants.) They were mortified.

  2. I am a mother of a "Jack". Thanks so much for "finding the funny". Erin

  3. This was so funny! I bet they were so embarrassed you found their bra page. Oh, the things I have to look forward to with my two boys! Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!

  4. I just found your blog thanks to Finding the Funny and I'm really enjoying your humor and learning a lot about bras. I hope you'll visit me sometime at Chubby Chatterbox for some humor. If you do, I hope you'll take a moment and press the Join button and I"ll return the compliment. Take care,.

    Chubby Chatterbox


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