Monday, July 2, 2012

Auntie Teaches Naughty Tricks

When school gets out, I go visit my sister a-ster.  This was a great idea last year, when school got out on like a Wednesday and I went on Saturday.

It  was a little bit of an absurd idea this year when school got out on Friday and I left on Saturday.  And the race had happened the weekend before and I had done nothing to clean that up. 

I ended up leaving the house like someone had come in and yelled AIR RAID.  It was a pigsty.

Luckily, k-ster didn't feel the need to lift his finger while I was gone, so when I got home, everything was as I had left it and possible worse. He's so thoughtful that way.

Anymess, it was fun visiting for a few days and I made sure to teach l-ster all sorts of new things so that her mother will have to be even more on top of what she is doing.  This is definitely my job as Auntisparkling, right????

First, we worked on perfecting fishlips.  She's got one side but she has trouble getting them both to suck in.  This is very serious business.

Then, I showed her how to eat the box when you're done with the raisins.  If the raisins are organic, the box must be too, right?

Then, I made sure that she learned the right face to make when someone tells her she did something she wasn't supposed to.

But, most of all, I showed her that if she's going to be a true southern gal, she better get walking outside with no shoes on hot pavement and toughen those feet up!

Next trip, I'll teach her how to wipe firefly butts on her cheeks so she glows in the dark.


  1. HAHAHAHA loved this!! Such a great Auntie! Sounds like my sister with my kids!

  2. I am dying over the wiping firefly butts part! Hilarious!

    1. I learned about that from a super southern girl when I was in college. I never quite believed it, but she swore that when she was little, they would catch fireflies and wipe their butts on their cheeks and they'd glow for a minute. This was the most prim and proper southern girl, so I can't even imagine. When I was at my sister's, my brother in law killed one and the residue was on his shoe and glowed for a minute and I told him this story and he didn't believe me.

  3. LOL!!!!! So funny!!! What a great auntie!


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