Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sir Laurence Olivier Does Jury Duty

My life has been so exciting this week.  I mowed and mowed and mowed. 

And then I made a few trips to the dump. 

I might have broken Jake because he was "off" yesterday about 30 minutes into the lesson, so we had to stop.  I really like riding him, so I hope he was just faking because it was so hot and humid. 
And I haven't spoken since the 4th, so I'm surprised I have any readers left at all. 

It's really not fun to be without my laptop and though I am fortunate enough to be able to use k-ster's computer, it's not the same and it's not convenient and it's making me whine.

I've been taking pictures with the intention of using them for posts, but it's a pain to upload them to this computer, so I've been waiting. 

And whining.

But, last night, I dreamed that I got a piece of mail for Laurence Olivier, for JURY DUTY! 

I don't even know who he is/was!  An actor?  Dancer?  British?  Sir?  Does that mean he is/was a knight?  I'm sure I could google him, but it's hot and I'm whining, so I won't.

We do get lots of crazy mail around here.  I just know it would be absurd for me to accept mail for him and for him to have jury duty!


  1. We haven't rode for a few day around here, the weather has been sooooo hot which means our horses are enjoying being pasture ponies.Oh well, they work hard when we do get to ride that it's ok to take a few days off!

  2. Hot, is not the word for what it is around here. It's like God set the skies to broil. We stay in the house, away from the Florida sun.

    And Sir Laurence Olivier was an elegant, distinguished British actor, a master at Shakespeare, considered to be one of the best actors of all time. He was also married to Vivian Leigh, Scarlett from Gone With The Wind. You must really have had a bad mail mixup since he's been dead for many years. Damn post office. Things were better during the Pony Express days.

  3. Awesome stuff that your dreams are made of ;) More like a nightmare, jury duty mail terrifies me b/c I panic over how I will rearrange schedules/kid duty!


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